Re: [Zope-dev] Zope + Jabber?

2003-04-01 Thread Alastair Burt
Gary Poster [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-03-31): Is anyone working on Jabber integration with Zope? I can think of some nice use cases for this. An Italian firm called Noze claims to have integrated the two in a proprietary product called Zabber. There is info in Italian here:

[Zope-dev] STX and nested colorising (was underline symbology)

2001-10-24 Thread Alastair Burt
Andreas Jung [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Feel free to provide a patch and unittests *wink* I was about to send a patch, but as I was putting it through its paces, I realised that, depending on the ordering of the list 'DocumentClass.text_types', I could either underline emphasised text (*_foo_*)

[Zope-dev] STX and underline symbology

2001-10-19 Thread Alastair Burt
In the current version of STX, the underline symbology is not very good for documenting Python. In the string python_function1 does this, and python_function2 does that, function1 does this, and python gets underlined. I think it would be better if either: 1) there are no spaces in strings to

Re: [Zope-dev] STX and underline symbology

2001-10-19 Thread Alastair Burt
Andreas Jung [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I checked in some fixes to underline handling into the trunk and the 2.4 branch. Please check this out. If the problems persist, please send me a small testcase. I don't really know my way around CVS. The version I checked out has the following in

[Zope] XEmacs DTML Mode

2000-12-13 Thread Alastair Burt
I have made many changes to my DTML Mode Howto and the associated files, which can be found here: The Howto explains how to get the benefits of Lennart Staflin's PSGML mode when editing DTML code. PSGML is a wonderful package for

Re: [Zope] Problem with 2.2.4b1

2000-11-24 Thread Alastair Burt
[EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I installed 2.2.4b1 over 2.2.3, and everything seems to work fine, but, when I IE5.5 to manage my sites, I loose some icons and graphics (not all!). But, if I clear my cache, The icons reappears, but only for a while! Am I the only only experiencing this problem?

Re: [Zope] PythonMethods

2000-11-21 Thread Alastair Burt
Tom Deprez [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Can somebody provide me the URL to the last version of Python Methods? I only find version 0.1.7 which was created 199/12/13. If you want to use Python Methods as they are described in the Zope Book, you have to check the code out of CVS. Info on CVS

[Zope] Re: [Zope-Annce] November 16th Zope Weekly News

2000-11-17 Thread Alastair Burt
emf [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I put in a robots.txt to block spidering and reduced the cache "recommendation" to 700. Does this mean that Zope pages will not be indexed by Google? That would be a shame. --- Alastair ___ Zope maillist

Re: [Zope] WorldPilot has the bits...

2000-09-27 Thread Alastair Burt
John Chandler [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Any ideas how the sync would be done? WorldPilot has the ability to do this, allegedly. WorldPilot's Palm side of things was still broken last I checked (last week, IIRC) - it was complaining of login errors, though you could login happily

Re: [Zope] Emacs and dtml-mode +/-

2000-09-11 Thread Alastair Burt
"Nestor A. Diaz L." [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I have installed the dtml-mode that provided under Debian potato, emacs20 and psgml it work so nice but i have a little question, and i don't know if it is possible to resolve, consider the following html code:

[Zope] ZOPE, Xemacs, html-mode, indentation

2000-06-06 Thread Alastair Burt
Bob Finch [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I just ran into the same problem. It appears that XEmacs html-mode parses the html in the buffer. If it doesn't parse correctly, the indentation stuff doesn't work. To see this, try editing something without any dtml in it -- indentation should work