Re: [Zope] wherefore art thou NotMail?

2000-08-27 Thread Ben Leslie
Hi tav! On Sun, 27 Aug 2000, tav wrote: i was going to make use of the Bank Holiday weekend by trying out some zope products that i havent had time to play with... and NotMail was high on my list. i managed to install the IMAP server that it needed and went to get the tarball, and it has

Re: [Zope] cr/lf causing spaces

2000-07-08 Thread Ben Leslie
Hello Folks, One of my "favorite" issues with win/DOS has always been its use of CR+LF combinations. Why? Because all browsers interpret the thing as a SPACE. AFAIK this is an HTML thing, not a win/DOS thing. The HTML spec treats any whitespace as a space. Would it be possible for

Re: [Zope] Is Zope slow?

2000-07-06 Thread Ben Leslie
-maybe we could discuss network services/hoster_performance? This is more of a problem for most people. One evening whilst bored we calculated that Zope could happily serve enough people to fill up our pipe... so the bottle neck is our connection. Mind you we'd had a beer or two so

Re: [Zope] Howto engineer a scientific paper system

2000-06-29 Thread Ben Leslie
XML stuff in zope. Which leads me to the later suggestion, I have tried out DocBook product, rendering is very slow on my computer. And again it is too big of a new concept for me now. Yeah, I find rendering slow on my workstation too. (And mine is reasonably fast - 450mhz). DocBook does seem

Re: [Zope] Howto engineer a scientific paper system

2000-06-28 Thread Ben Leslie
On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: How to engineer a scientific paper system Are there products out for this, should we produce one? -- In short, I would like to have Zope assist me in producing a scientific paper. So how can I produce pointers from within the text to

Re: [Zope] OT: MS Outlook sucks

2000-06-28 Thread Ben Leslie
On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Wilkinson Charlie E wrote: ...but you already knew that didn't you? First, an apology for previously sending MIME/html crap to the list, even after being told about it and after I thought I had it turned off, and another apology for this OT message while I'm at it.

Re: [Zope] how to get email delivery errors

2000-06-27 Thread Ben Leslie
On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Dan Rusch wrote: Our site allows supervisors to email orders back to sales reps. We have this working very well. The problem is if the supervisor types in an non-existant email address we aren't getting Mail System Error - Returned Mail messages like you would from other

Re: [Zope] How to retrieve content of a document?

2000-06-27 Thread Ben Leslie
On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Luke Tymowski wrote: Hello, Yet another question. I've gone through the DTML Reference Guide but couldn't find the answer. How do I display the content of a DTML Document through a query? For example: dtml-with Document dtml-in "objectValues(['DTML

Re: [Zope] PROPOSAL: Online chat with Jim and Paul

2000-05-29 Thread Ben Leslie
Hi Steve! On Sun, 28 May 2000, Steve Alexander wrote: Paul Everitt wrote: I propose an IRC chat on Wednesday with Jim Fulton and me. Try and pick a time that's not *too* late at night for us Europeans. Or for us Australian's ;) (Although that might get a tad difficult ;) Benno