Re: [Zope-PAS] PlonePAS using SQL get AttributeError

2007-04-18 Thread Ben Mason

I agree, I think the way PlonePAS replaces the root acl_users is very bad. I
hope this gets addressed. Surely there is no need for it to do that.


On 19/4/07 02:01, James J Myers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 I found the SQLPASPlugin on the Plone site or the collective - not sure
 I pretty much rewrote it to get it to do what I wanted.  I got no help
 from this list or anywhere else.
 PlonePAS provides a PropertyProvider set of interfaces for
 setting/getting properties from an external source.
 There is something strange in the install process. When I install my
 product and create an acl_users in my Plone site, it seems to also add
 it to the root acl_users which I don't like at all.
 Since I had trouble getting acquisition to work, I created a zsql method
 in source_users and directly addressed it.
 Hope all this helps...
 Jim Myers
 Chris Withers wrote:
 i James,
 James J Myers wrote:
 I've written a PlonePAS plugin loosely based on SQLPASPlugin for
 I'm going to be needing this functionality myself sometime soon.
 Where did you find the SQL plugin? What's the official way of getting
 users with extra properties from a relational back end? What
 bastardisations has Plone added that need to be supported?
 The code creates a zsql method in source_users which I can verify via
 the ZMI that it is there.
 Why do you need to create the zsql method using code?
 When the authenticate credentials plugin is called it appears to
 always be in the source_users folder,
 What do you mean by that?
 Why would be it fail sometimes and not others? How do I make it work
 2007-04-07T18:02:10 INFO RACPASPlugin Traceback (most recent call last):
 authenticateCredentials: getUserInfo:   File
 line 104, in authenticateCredentials
res = self.getUserInfo(login)
 authenticateCredentials: getUserInfo:   File
 line 253, in getUserInfo
query = getattr(self, _UserQueryId)
 authenticateCredentials: getUserInfo: AttributeError: RACPAS_getUserInfo
 I wonder if a differing set of acquisiton contexts are involved
 somewhere along the line?

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RE: [Zope-PAS] Authentication caching

2006-08-18 Thread Ben Mason
That's great news and I don't have any objections. Any more work on PAS
gets a big thumbs up in my eyes!


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 Behalf Of Stefan H. Holek
 Sent: 18 August 2006 13:40
 Subject: [Zope-PAS] Authentication caching
 Hi All,
 I am in the lucky position of being sponsored to do some PAS work
 (Thanks WU-Wien!). You may see more coming from this direction soon.
 As a first step I have implemented authentication caching in the
 gateway i.e. in _extractUserIds. If you want to have a look, you can
 find the code on the shh-authentication-caching branch.
 Unless I receive complaints I am going to merge into trunk in a couple
 of days.
 Anything that, in happening, causes itself to happen again, happens
 again.  --Douglas Adams
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Zope-PAS mailing list

[Zope] Zope job

2005-04-27 Thread Ben Mason
Sorry for the off-topic question...

Does anyone know the best place to look for Zope / Plone jobs in London?

Any help would be appreciated.



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RE: [Zope] Does anyone care whether we deprecate ZClasses?

2005-04-01 Thread Ben Mason
And another +1

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 Behalf Of Dennis Allison
 Sent: 01 April 2005 15:44
 To: Jim Fulton
 Subject: Re: [Zope] Does anyone care whether we deprecate ZClasses?
 +1 for deprecation.  
 On Fri, 1 Apr 2005, Jim Fulton wrote:
  ZClasses are a feature that support through-the-web development.
  Many people have found them useful in the past, but they have some
  significant deficiencies, including:
  - They can't be managed with file-system tools, especially
 revision control systems like CVS and subversion.
  - They don't work well with Python development tools, like
 profilers and debugger.
  - They aren't being actively maintained.
  Most serious Zope developers stopped using them a long time
  ago and are frustrated that we still expend resources keeping them
  around.  For example, the release of Zope 2.8 has been delayed
  by the requirement of getting ZClasses working with Zope 2.8.
  We could choose to deprecate ZClasses.  If we deprecated them in
  Zope 2.8, they would still work in Zope 2.8 and Zope 2.9, but
  their support would be removed in Zope 2.10.  Would anyone be upset
  if this happened?
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