[Zope-dev] ZPatterns Project Help!

2000-11-18 Thread Ben Schochet
I am trying to create a ZPatterns based project and have a few question. I am trying to create an application that can consist of thousands of object without running into the ZODB size problems. * It seems that I need to have separate Racks for each Class that I want to store with ZPatterns. Is

[Zope] [alpha] Allaire Homesite integration with Zope

2000-11-02 Thread Ben Schochet
, comments, and suggestions. Thanks. -Ben Schochet. http://www.zope.org/Members/bens/homesite_editor_for_zope !-- PGP Key ID 0x7871A6E7 -- ___ Visit http://www.visto.com/info, your free web-based communications center