[Zope-Annce] Python/Zope Job Available

2006-01-20 Thread Bob Corriher
P-Wave Inc has an opening for a software engineer: with Python and Zope experience. The job will require relocation to the southeastern PA area. Forward resumes/salary requirements to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Detailed job requirements are as follows: Software Engineer: The position will support

Re: [Zope] RE: Blobs in Interbase

2005-08-03 Thread Bob Corriher
to be in there somewhere. Bob Corriher CTO P-Wave Inc. Ashley Lloyd wrote: Bob, you're a star! I unpacked it, restarted Zope, and there it was! Marvellous, I've now got a kinterbase installed that works. Thats the good news. The bad news is I still can't update the blob field - I still

Re: [Zope] RE: Blobs in Interbase

2005-08-02 Thread Bob Corriher
think I just grabbed it from another working site. If you like, I could zip it up and send it to you. The site uses blobs (all sub_type text) in many places, so maybe older/other versions don't support this as well. Bob Corriher CTO P-Wave Inc. Philip Kilner wrote: Hi Ashley, Can't help

[Zope] Blobs in Interbase

2005-08-01 Thread Bob Corriher
, there is a Zope-DB list for discussing Zope and RDBMS issues and the real gurus hang out there. HTH Bob Corriher CTO P-Wave Inc. Ashley wrote: Hi bobb, thanks for your reply. If I found the right post (reading an image from blob in mysql and displaying it), then thanks very much but I don't

RE: [Zope] how to include Flash/SWF objects in Zope website?

2000-10-16 Thread Bob Corriher
ash"/EMBED /OBJECT /CENTER /BODY /HTML The File object is named splaspage.swf, but the extension is not necessary. It could have been called splashpage or anything else. Hope this helps. Bob Corriher P-Wave Inc. ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] h