[Zope] ZDiscussions for Zope 2.2.2

2000-10-19 Thread Cary O'Brien
Sorry about being such a winer yesterday. I needed a confera bulletin board for work (internal) with attachments, so I hacked ZDiscussions to work with Zope2.2.2. I needed to: 1) Get FileObject.py from Confera 2) add __allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__ in

[Zope] How about removing broken things like Confera and ZDiscussions?

2000-10-18 Thread Cary O'Brien
Why are things like ZDiscussions and Confera even on the zope download pages? They don't work! It would be better if they were moved to a section called "Things that worked once but aren't being maintained so they don't work any more". Otherwise people starting out might see all these

Re: [Zope] How about removing broken things like Confera and ZDiscussions?

2000-10-18 Thread Cary O'Brien
There is a ZDiscussions that works. It is called ZUBB. http://www.zope.org/Members/BwanaZulia/ZUBB But, I agree, old product that have been left behind (the old version of ZDiscussions/Confera) should be marked and or archived. J Might be better to have a

Re: [Zope] How about removing broken things like Confera and ZDiscussions?

2000-10-18 Thread Cary O'Brien
, old product that have been left behind (the old version of ZDiscussions/Confera) should be marked and or archived. J From: "Cary O'Brien" [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 09:36:13 -0400 (EDT) To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [Zope] How about removing broken things li

[Zope] Generic Workflow Products?

2000-08-23 Thread Cary O'Brien
After applying Zope to a couple of in-house projects (which turned out pretty well, thank you), I've started to come to the realization that many applications boil down to workflow management. A job comes in, attributes get set, things get attached to it, and it gets passed from person to

Re: [Zope] Hardware minimum for development

2000-08-08 Thread Cary O'Brien
Hallo, what's the minimum of hardware to develop Zope-sites(only for development). I'd like to know because I want to buy a laptop and don't want to spend much money ! Thanks. I use an old toshiba 325 cds (cd broken) (460 bogomips) w/ 48Mb of ram running Linux as both my desktop and

Re: [Zope] Starting Zope

2000-07-31 Thread Cary O'Brien
Bill wrote... Of course, it is entirely possible the user meant something other than s/he wrote. ;) But that last one doesn't seem to indicate that. To put it succinctly: If you want Zope to bind to port 80 on *nix you have few options: o Change Zope to run SID ** Bad Idea o

Re: [Zope] Starting Zope

2000-07-31 Thread Cary O'Brien
the restriction for just the necessary ports. Another idea is to do it with groups, say let group n be a "net-privileged" group. -- cary Just my opinion. nitesh. On Sun, 30 Jul 2000, Cary O'Brien wrote: Cary O'Brien wrote: Well... If you are running on Linux

Re: [Zope] Starting Zope

2000-07-31 Thread Cary O'Brien
I've done it this way: http://www.zope.org/Members/otto/portfw It's also relatively easy to convince a hosting provider to add this, as long as you have a dedicated IP address. Perhaps I should have done a news item when I created this... seems a lot of people have hacked around the

Re: [Zope] Starting Zope

2000-07-30 Thread Cary O'Brien
Cary O'Brien wrote: Well... If you are running on Linux you could simply edit the kernel code to elimitate the check on being root to bind to low ports. That's what we did. Which is an even worse idea. Why? On a sufficiently firewalled off box, where the few logins

Re: [Zope] Starting Zope

2000-07-29 Thread Cary O'Brien
Costagliola Giovanni wrote: Il gio, 27 lug 2000, Oleg Broytmann ha scritto: On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, Costagliola Giovanni wrote: How can I to start Zope whit a different user than root and cath the default HTTP port? Use different way - start Zope as root, catch port 80

Re: [Zope] Zope for secure transactions?

2000-07-29 Thread Cary O'Brien
1. Can Zope support SSL or https? AFAIK without support of some other tool not. If you have money ($12,000 us), but not programmers/time you can buy a box to do this from Intel. Plus it is very fast. http://www.intel.com/netstructure/products/accel_7110.htm (Not an Intel employee, but

[Zope] Zope and Tuxedo?

2000-07-27 Thread Cary O'Brien
Has anyone used Zope to act as a Tuxedo client? Is anyone interested in doing this? Mostly it means creating a python extension that acts as a Tuxedo client, and then integrating that into Zope as a ZClass or Product or something. -- cary Tuxedo is pretty slick. You can download a trial

Re: [Zope] Zope and Tuxedo? (fwd)

2000-07-27 Thread Cary O'Brien
- Forwarded message from Marcin Kasperski - From digest Thu Mar 9 07:50:32 EST 2000 Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 17:28:34 +0200 From: Marcin Kasperski [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Zope List Submission [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [Zope] Zope and Tuxedo? Marcin wrote... Cary O'Brien wrote

Re: [Zope] Python/Tkinter Zope

2000-07-26 Thread Cary O'Brien
charset="US-ASCII" Would it make any sense ? Such an application could only run on the server. Not exactly the idea of a web-enabled application ?! To use it on a client at least Python and TKinter should be installed on the client. This would only be feasable in a corporate environment,

Re: [Zope] Which PostGreSQL DA should I use?

2000-07-07 Thread Cary O'Brien
On Fri, 07 Jul 2000, Eric L. Walstad wrote: OK, I am thinking about going from MySQL to PostgreSQL for its transactions and subqueries. I am curious which DA I should use and why. I see that I can choose from: 1. SQLRelay 2. ZPoPyDA 3. ZPyGreSQLDA Which are you using and

Re: [Zope] Arrg! dtml-in can't handle lists of pairs!

2000-07-05 Thread Cary O'Brien
"Cary O'Brien" [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: It seems as if dtml-in handles lists of pairs specially. It does, and it is documented. Where? I even looked through the code in DT_In.py and couldn't figure out where it handled this special case. This seems to me like a pretty big gotc

[Zope] Database Adaptors and security and query()

2000-07-05 Thread Cary O'Brien
Couple of things came up trying to use the current PostgreSQL da and zope 2.2b3. I am working on a ZClass that lets you define and create tables in a database, so I needed to execute some generated sql [1]. 1) I couldn't access the query() method of the connection unless I added our

[Zope] Arrg! dtml-in can't handle lists of pairs!

2000-07-01 Thread Cary O'Brien
Ok. I get a list of rows from a database query. I want to iterate over the rows. If there are 3 or more columns in the table, everythin is fine. If there are 2 columns, it doesn't work. It seems as if dtml-in handles lists of pairs specially. Not a good thing. Can I supress this

[Zope] Zope 2.2.0b3: can't call db_connection.query()

2000-06-30 Thread Cary O'Brien
With Zope 2.2.0b3, I can't seem to call the query() method of a database connection any more. For example, with a PostgreSQL connection called dbconn, calling dtml-with dbconn dtml-var "query('select count(*) from pg_class')" /dtml-with Works fine with 2.1.6, but with 2.2.0b3, I get...

Re: [Zope] Why can't I subclass a ZSQLMethod?

2000-06-30 Thread Cary O'Brien
the ZSQLMethod to be one of its methods? Then the ZClass can provide the user interface to the SQL query and the result set. Regards, Ivan Raikov "Cary O'Brien" [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I want to wrap a presentation layer around ZSQLQueries, so that they will have methods to generat

[Zope] dhtml-try broken in 2.2.0b3?

2000-06-29 Thread Cary O'Brien
I was porting some stuff that had a dtml-try to the newest Zope (2.2.0b3) and I had problems with a dtml-try block. I tried a fresh install and had the same problem. To reproduce, create a DHTML method with dtml-try dtml-var "1/0" dtml-except h4It blew up/h4 /dtml-try Accessing the

Re: [Zope] ZODB or not ZODB?

2000-06-18 Thread Cary O'Brien
charset="iso-8859-1" I am implementing a document Library using Zope. It has an exhaustive index with several thousand topics in an outline residing on a PostgreSQL database. This works well and I like it. My question is where is the best place to store the documents themselves? They

Re: [Zope] newbie changingover to zope from html/cgi??

2000-06-18 Thread Cary O'Brien
can i replace javascript with python/DTML. I have used drop down menus in the pages using javascript. Is these available in Zope or is there some way of using these. I'd keep the drop-down menus in javascript. You can do similar things in zope (i.e. the tree tag or the tab bar at the top of

Re: [Zope] Images not showing

2000-06-14 Thread Cary O'Brien
Dieter wrote... [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I've noticed that when i install images into the Zope database and call them sometimes they display as broken link images instead of the picture. after revisiting the image in the management screen but not making any changes just resaving it

Re: [Zope] Costs of implementation

2000-06-13 Thread Cary O'Brien
I am trying to motivate the use of Zope / Zcommerce, and to do this need some timing ideas - Does anyone have thoughts on how long (man hours per expertise) it took them to go from no Zope to (Zope + Steve Spickelmire and Co's EMarket) and to a successful transaction? Hopefully this will

Re: [Zope] Secure storage of credit card info

2000-06-09 Thread Cary O'Brien
OK, any of you out there who have thought about ecommerce, cryptography, and zope, I've got a design question for you. Actually, this question is independent of zope, but I need to solve it in a zope context. You have a ZCommerce site. You accept credit cards, and securely communicate

Re: [Zope] Re: [ZCommerce] Secure storage of credit card info

2000-06-09 Thread Cary O'Brien
- You have a ZCommerce site. You accept credit cards, and securely - communicate with a CC processor to verify the transacton. Now, Besides Bill's suggestion, keep all your servers behind a good firewall. One option is to use Linux IP Masquerading, having your webserver *and*

Re: [Zope] ZDiscussions in classes?

2000-06-09 Thread Cary O'Brien
charset="iso-8859-1" Hi, I have a problem with getting ZDiscussion working the way I want it to. First a little background, so it becomes easier for me to explain what I want to do: On my site I have several users (called "artists") that I have built a ZClass for. This Artist-ZClass

[Zope] Problems uploading large attachments

2000-06-08 Thread Cary O'Brien
I am using confera to help coordinate some development work I would like people to be able to upload large (100k) attachments into the system so the documents can be shared by people at different sites. I find that things work fine for small attachments, but for larger attachments, Zope is

[Zope] Confera and strict permissions

2000-06-06 Thread Cary O'Brien
I'm trying to set up a small site with a Confera topic (using Zope 2.1.6). It is going to be accessed by some off-site co-workers through the internet, so I am concerned about security. Access is through Apache on the firewall with some mod_rewrite address filters, but I'm kind of a

Re: [Zope] Interbase / Cacheing - A thought

2000-06-01 Thread Cary O'Brien
Ian Sparks wrote: Had a thought that I wanted to share. Interbase has a feature known as "event alerts". In a trigger you can post "events" which are just fixed data strings e.g. "DataAdded" or "Insert_tblUsers". PostgreSQL has them too. It's not (afaik) supported by DB-API,

Re: [Zope] ZDiscussions and Zope 2.2

2000-05-31 Thread Cary O'Brien
Hi Cary, I'd be really happy if you could try out Squishdot 0.4.0 for what you're doing. It's kindof ZDiscussions on steroids and should work with 2.2, although I haven't had a chance to test it yet... It seems broken. Using Zope-2.2.0a1 and Squishdot-0-4-0, this is what happens.

Re: [Zope] confera, zope 2.2, and attachments

2000-05-31 Thread Cary O'Brien
(Vitaly ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) helped me with this. The problems was that it wasn't possible to add an attachment to a ZDConfera message) Note this is with Zope 2.1.6. Thanks for the information on fixing attachments in ZDConfera. Note that the latest version of ZDiscussios (0.2.0) does use

Re: [Zope] Proposal for mail-in to Zope

2000-05-31 Thread Cary O'Brien
Hi, We (NIP - in the form of Chris Withers, Stephen Harrison, and Simon Coles) have put some thought into the question of how to get emails into Zope, and have come up with a design which we thought we'd pass Excellent idea. I was thinking about this just the other day. We have a

[Zope] Thread-safe PostgreSQL adaptor?

2000-05-31 Thread Cary O'Brien
Ok, pygresql is now DB-SIG compliant and thread safe. http://druid.net/pygresql What has to be done to create a one-database-connection-per-thread PyGreSQL database adapter? Given the recent influx of resources into PostgreSQL this would seem like a nice thing. Comments? -- cary

[Zope] confera, zope 2.2, and attachments

2000-05-30 Thread Cary O'Brien
With a confera discussion, I can't seem to add attachments. I can enter a file name into the file upload box, and there are no errors, but when I view the message there is no attachment. Am I doing something wrong? -- cary ___ Zope maillist -

[Zope] ZDiscussions and Zope 2.2

2000-05-30 Thread Cary O'Brien
I can't seem to add a ZDiscussions topic any more. I keep getting authorization failures. Managers are allowed to all zdiscussion topics on the security page, though. Is this related to the problem with ZSQL queries and the new permissions scheme with 2.2? -- cary