Re: [Zope] Problems using M18

2000-11-20 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Andreas Tille wrote: I just gived Mozilla M18 a try and noticed that Back Button of the browser doesn't work in zopĆ¼e management screen. Netscape 4.75 (and Actually, that seems to be a problem with M18 and Frames in general. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm guessing this is

[Zope] Mirroring Zope sites

2000-11-06 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Hello, I'd like to be able to take a "snapshot" of a Zope site (probably using the recursive "wget") so that it can be served from Apache alone. I'm running into problems coping with files named "x_html" (most notably "index_html") . . . Apache serves up the files as plaintext, so you just get

Re: [Zope] Re:GoLive

2000-11-01 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
tom smith wrote: I think there's a trick where dtml files can be saved as index.html, and then you create a method that redirects index_html or /whatever/wherever/ to index.html in the same folder, but I'm not sure how to do that. That should be pretty easy . . . Zope will let you add

Re: [Zope] How to display PDF files

2000-10-30 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Alan Johnston wrote: One (apparently simple) thing I cannot find a way to do is link to a PDF file. I believe that everything ZServer serves up must come from the Zope Object Database (right? wrong?). At any rate, how do you get ZServer to send a 'raw' PDF file to the browser so that the

[Zope] (Off-Topic) A Haiku

2000-10-09 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
A thousand apologies for such blatantly offtopic drivel, but this leaped into my mind today and I figured if anyone could appreciate it, it'd be somebody on this list. a haiku: request bracket tick base zero tick bracket plus tick

[Zope] 1000-record limit?

2000-09-26 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Greetings! I know I saw this discussed a long time ago, but I completely failed to find the thread anywhere, so here goes . . . We're running a somewhat older release of Zope with ZOracleDA, and we've run up against a 1000-record limit when returning data for reports, etc. I know that this is

Re: [Zope] 1000-record limit?

2000-09-26 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
D'oh . . . The sad part is that I remember now that I've actually *done* that before. :P Next time I'll try getting some sleep before I send out an email like that. :) Thanks for the help! -CJ Petru Paler wrote: On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Christopher J. Kucera wrote: We're running

Re: [Zope] Moving an entire Zope site

2000-08-04 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Douglas Bates wrote: I will be doing a demo of a Zope-based query system at a conference soon and need to replicate my entire site on a stand-alone machine. Is there a convenient way to archive a Zope site and move it to another machine? Just copy the Data.fs file. (And any External

[Zope] Redirecting from Python?

2000-08-04 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Greetings! I'm working on a Product, and I'd like to be able to do a RESPONSE.redirect() from inside the Python code. What I had was basically this: dtml-if "some number of conditions" View the page . . . dtml-else dtml-call "RESPONSE.redirect('blahblahblah')" /dtml-if This works fine,

Re: [Zope] Redirecting from Python?

2000-08-04 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Jonothan Farr wrote: Are you doing a dtml-var or dtml-call to call your external method? I believe you need a dtml-call. I've tried both. :) Other things I've tried: * Explicitly passing in the REQUEST object * Explicitly passing in the RESPONSE object * slapping a "return" in front of

Re: [Zope] Powered by Zope in different colors?

2000-08-04 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Marcin Kasperski wrote: Has anyone considered preparing some collection of differently colorized and sized 'Powered by Zope' logos? Recently I wanted to put it on two I just created a few that would probably work well with your sites: One is just a

Re: [Zope] Running Zope 2.2 on Solaris 2.7

2000-07-19 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Andreas Rippel wrote: I couldn't add any kind of object, while getting messages like ... Error Type: SuperCannotOwn Error Value: Objects cannot be owned by the superuser That's because in Zope 2.2.0, you can't create objects as the superuser. You'll have to create a

Re: [Zope] sequence-item and

2000-07-18 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Diego Rodrigo Neufert wrote: Why I cant use dtml-var "sequence-item"?? Because anything inside quotes is evaluated as a Python expression. It's trying to subtract 'item' from 'sequence.' Try: dtml-var "_['sequence-item']" -CJ ___ Zope maillist

Re: [Zope] how to check if the ResultSet is null?

2000-07-13 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Sa wrote: Hi, I stuck on a problem: I am creating a registration form. I need to check if the person info has already in database. I created a Z SQL method which I used "select usr_email from info(table name) where usr_email = dtml-sqlvar usr_email type=string" I want to call this method

Re: [Zope] For Newbies Only!

2000-07-13 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Tim Cook wrote: Ok folks if you are like me and not only can't see the light but can't even find the path to the light try these things: 1. Do the Python tutorial. Well, I hardly count as a newbie any more, but I'll just add this: Learning Python was the single most useful thing that helped

Re: [Zope] Costs of implementation

2000-06-13 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Well, I'd say that much of it relies on the kind of project you're doing, too. Sure, if all your DTML is doing is simple if/then statements, maybe a loop or two, it'll only take a few minutes to get used to the management interface itself. However, if you've got some seriously complicated

Re: [Zope] Q: Namespace, Acquisition, and Properties

2000-06-05 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
Wilkinson Charlie E wrote: In the top level folder (root) I have a dtml method title template that contains html code and dtml vars that are (intended to be) populated by properties of various subfolders as well as a value or two passed directly. The title template is "called" from dtml

Re: [Zope] Really dumb newbie question

2000-05-23 Thread Christopher J. Kucera
dtml-if action == "add" blah /dtml-if dtml-if "action == 'add'" blah /dtml-if Things inside quotes get evaluated as Python expressions. :) Have fun Zopeing! -CJ ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]