[Zope] ZopeLDAP 1.0b4 breaks the root directory security tab

2000-10-06 Thread Corey Zimmet
Since installing ZopeLDAP 1.0b4, I get the following error when trying to access the security tab at the root directory: Zope Error Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. Error Type: TypeError Error Value: string member test

[Zope] 2.2 and ZLDAPConnection - editAttributes fails.

2000-07-31 Thread Corey Zimmet
Has anyone succeeded in getting ZLDAPConnections to work with Zope 2.2? When I try to perform an edit on an Entry object, the edit appears to work. However, the transaction is never committed to the LDAP server. Also, when doing the examples from the Howto, I have to explicitly call the Entry

[Zope] RE: [ Zope] ZCatalog dynamic sites

2000-07-21 Thread Corey Zimmet
Write a brains class that you would call to catalog and uncatalog insert/update/delete ZSQLmethods: For example: class MyObject: """ Some arbitrary object - MyObjectID - the id of your object MyCatalog - the catalog you want to use to index the sql

[Zope] How do you use acquisition when instantiating an object via a REQUEST.set

2000-06-30 Thread Corey Zimmet
I am a relatively new Zope user and I have a simple python Class in a python product such as: class Item(Acquisition.Implicit): # Just a simple item class def __init__(self, id): self.id=id If I instantiate the object in DTML with somthing like this: dtml-call