Re: [Zope] Zope or Plone for a social-networking site?

2006-02-18 Thread Dave Kuhlman

Hi everybody,
I was thinking about trying to develop a social-networking site, like or (well, on a much smaller scale of course).
Elements I'd like to make available for the users are:
- profile with photo gallery
- blog
- instant messages to other online users
- chat functionality
- forum/discussion boards
- internal mail system
- ... (should be extensible)
After looking for information for quite some time, I am still not
quite sure what to do:
1) Do you think Zope/Plone would be the right thing for this kind of
project, or rather some Java CM-system (with better performance maybe
since it is compiled and not interpreted?) or some PHP-system? (not a
fan of PHP, to be honest... I favor python)
2) Now, the main question: Zope or Plone? I don't completely
understand the difference between these two...
I would really appreciat e some help/other opinions on this matter.
Thanks a lot, Martin

Think of Plone as extended Zope.  Plone is Zope plus many of the
capabilities that you are asking for above.  Plone is built on top
of Zope.  Plone is Zope plus added value.

Also take a look at CPS (  It, like
Plone, is built on top of Zope and is Zope plus added capabilities
like Blog, Wiki, Forum, Chat, ...  CPS provides a WYSIWYG editor
that enables you to customize the look and layout of the pages of
your portal.

And, compare with Silva (

You may also want to look at, where you
can do feature comparison charts on CMSs (content management
systems).  CPS is listed under Nuxeo, the company that supports it.


Dave Kuhlman
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Re: [Zope] Write log file from script

2005-10-07 Thread Dave Kuhlman
On Fri, Oct 07, 2005 at 11:42:16AM -0400, Brian Sullivan wrote:
 I am looking for a simple strategy to write a debug log file from a python
  I used to have such a beast but somewhere in a shuffle it got lost -- and
 my brain seems to be dead this morning trying to figure it out.
  Anybody out there have something like this or a url explaining how to do

Why not zLOG?  Look at:


There are lots of examples of the use of the LOG function, defined
in that file, scattered throughout the Zope code.

And, your_instance/etc/zope.conf enables you to control the
logging output.


Dave Kuhlman
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Re: [Zope] Creating an application using zope and plone

2005-08-12 Thread Dave Kuhlman
On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 08:26:35PM +0530, Saura Ramachandran wrote:
 Hi all,
  I am very new to zope and plone. Now I have to make a blogging kind
 of site with user management based on roles. I want to have different
 classes for different type of users. Please tell me where to find good
 documentation to get started. And also some pointers to similar
 example solutions.

CPS, which also runs on top of Zope, comes with a Blog product (at
least version CPS-3.3.4-2 does).  See:

There is also a Blog-type product for Plone at the Plone collective:

(you will have to search down the page a ways.)


Dave Kuhlman
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Re: [Zope] Zope Foundation Update

2005-07-20 Thread Dave Kuhlman
On Tue, Jul 19, 2005 at 07:07:25PM -0400, Rob Page wrote:

 During my stay at EuroPython I learned that eighteen
 months ago (and without Zope Corporation's knowledge or
 consent) Zope Europe Association (ZEA) registered a
 trademark consisting of the Cirlce-Z (the stylized Z
 surrounded by a circle) followed by the word ZOPE
 (hereinafter Circle-Z-Zope).  The mark they
 registered is identical to the corporate logo used by
 Zope Corporation.

At the Zope Europe Association Web site
(, the logo is 3 cubes with a
3-dimensional look.  Has Zope Europe Association registered the
Circle-Z-Zope trademark but is not using it?  Or is there another
Zope Europe Association?  Or, have they registered it for future
use?  Or, if you can register a trademark in different countries,
have they registered it so as to protect it from miss-use by
someone else?



Dave Kuhlman
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Re: [Zope] recommend a provider

2005-06-03 Thread Dave Kuhlman
On Fri, Jun 03, 2005 at 08:13:15AM -0400, fs1 wrote:
 Can someone recommend a zope enabled internet provider?

Here are several you can look into:




Which is right for you depends on what capabilities your need:

- High volume?

- Access to the ZMI?

- Ability to install Zope Products?

- Ability to implement external methods?

- Access to a relational database?

- Etc.

Some Zope hosting providers offer a range of plans at different
costs and with different capabilities.

And, you can also look in this list of resources:

Also, of course, do a search for zope hosting in your favorite
Web search tool.


Dave Kuhlman
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