RE: [Zope] Picture of the day product

2001-01-17 Thread Eric Walstad
// What I'm not sure about is how to have Zope automatically // display the photo // for a day, then archive it. Would a boolean property of the // ZClass work? Is // it possible to have Zope set the property of a ZClass instance // at certain // time? Any thoughts on how this would be

RE: [Zope] with a variable

2001-01-13 Thread Eric Walstad
// I want to get some properties for a zclass instance after being // passed its // id in a variable. In these tests I have been defining the varible in the // code, in the final case it will be passed through the url. // // Using the id directly as above works fine, it writes the //

RE: [Zope] MySQL

2001-01-11 Thread Eric Walstad Should get you started... Eric. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of vishnu prasad Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2001 3:17 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [Zope] MySQL can anyone update me

[Zope] PoPy Installation. Where's the BEEF?

2001-01-10 Thread Eric Walstad
Hello all, After installing the ZPoPyDA product, restarting Zope and browsing to the Products interface, I see: ZPoPyDA Import Traceback Traceback (innermost last): File "/usr/local/Zope/lib/python/OFS/", line 397, in import_products product=__import__(pname, global_dict,

RE: [Zope] PoPy Installation. Where's the BEEF?

2001-01-10 Thread Eric Walstad
s. I searched the ZPoPyDA python source for hard coded paths but didn't find any. Is there an environment variable that sets this? Thanks for any help... Eric. ____ Eric Walstad [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___

RE: [Zope] I SOLVED!!

2000-12-15 Thread Eric Walstad
Hi Paolo, you should post your solution to the mailing list so that if others run into your same problem they can find your solution by searching ht emailing list archives. Just a thought. Eric. // -Original Message- // From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of

RE: [Zope] Problem on running the ZOPE by using ZmySQLDA

2000-12-13 Thread Eric Walstad
Hi Angie. First off, I think there are some users in the list that are unable to read HTML formatted email. I've seen a lot of requests for folks to send only plain text messages to the list. Well, I don't run Zope on a Windows machine, so maybe I'm wrong here, but the output you've shown

RE: [Zope] Last day of Month

2000-12-12 Thread Eric Walstad
Hi Paolo, I have a Python Metho... er Python Script that I use that tells me the days in each month. You pass in a Zope DateTime object as a parameter and it returns the days in that month: Parameters: ZopeDateTime Code: -8-- Start Snip --8- if ZopeDateTime.isLeapYear():

RE: [Zope] Problem on connect to MySQL

2000-12-11 Thread Eric Walstad
Hello Angie, Are you able to create a "Z MySQL Database Connection" inside Zope? I'm not sure exactly when you are receiving your error message. Is it when you Click the "Change" button while in the "Z MySQL Database Connection?" Your connection string looks like it is missing a user name. It

RE: [Zope] Rookie Question - Syntax

2000-11-29 Thread Eric Walstad
Hi Walter, There's a good tutorial on how to design forms at: I like to let javascript handle the validation, it lightens the load a little on the server. I use Regular Expressions to check the validity of each field. There's a tutorial at:

RE: [Zope] Help!!

2000-11-28 Thread Eric Walstad
Hi Ot, Try closing down all instances of your browser, then open up your browser and login as your admin user. You will be "logged out" when you close all instances of your browser. HTH, Eric. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Ot

RE: [Zope] MySQL Connection String

2000-11-17 Thread Eric Walstad
I use the following format: users@frankenstein privileged_user ThePassWord - or in general terms - TableName[@HostNameOfMachineMySQLIsRunningOn] MySQLUserName ThePassWord I guess the "@HostNameOfMachineMySQLIsRunningOn" part is optional, but I needed to put it in there for my setup. The

RE: [Zope] Generating text/csv from DTML method, Mime Type?

2000-11-10 Thread Eric Walstad
Here's some DTML I use to generate a CSV file on the fly using data returned from a query of a MySQL database: dtml-call "RESPONSE.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-csv')"dtml-in qryAllDB dtml-if sequence-start FirstName,MiddleName,LastName,Address,City,State,Zip,Phone,Fax,Email,URL,Bir

RE: [Zope] Cookies Expiration

2000-11-07 Thread Eric Walstad
Oops, forgot to send this one to the list... -Original Message- From: Eric Walstad [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, November 03, 2000 3:40 PM To: Steve Drees Subject: RE: [Zope] Cookies Expiration Newbie_Alert Hi Steve, Your solution is very cool! I'm going to use

RE: [Zope] Your thoughts about Zope-based database apps

2000-11-07 Thread Eric Walstad
Hi Alonso, FYI, some of the list members have great difficulty in reading HTML formatted messages. It's best if you set your format to "Plain Text" before submitting to the list. I haven't yet implemented what you are considering, but I am interested in doing so soon. So, I am very interested

[Zope] CGI product ( was ZServer serving CGI by itself )

2000-11-05 Thread Eric Walstad
Hi Fred, Wow, you've left me in the dust. I've not needed to try what you are attempting and I don't know how Zope would handle passing the RESPONSE buck to another application. I hope someone with more "Zen" can answer the particulars for you! Best of luck. Eric. // However, I have a couple

RE: [Zope] ZServer serving CGI by itself

2000-11-03 Thread Eric Walstad
Hi Fred, // I haven't seen any documentation on how to add CGI capability to Zope. // // Before I spend my time writing a product or external method that allows // me to call CGI programs from inside Zope, has anyone else already done // this? I have a C++ program I run from Zope and then return

RE: [Zope] ZServer serving CGI by itself

2000-11-03 Thread Eric Walstad
Oops, replace "gashtg" with "interestingValue" below. Sorry I missed t. -E ... "ws.calc.results.gashtg"/p should be ... "ws.calc.results.interestingValue"/p ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No

RE: [Zope] Installation on Linux

2000-11-01 Thread Eric Walstad
Hi Lee, In the Zope book beta version there is a section on installing Zope on Unix/Linux systems: - Or - There are also a few good howtos on the site, here's one to get you started:

[Zope] OT Zope book images - PDF

2000-11-01 Thread Eric Walstad
In light of all the hubbub about the Zope book, I thought I would try and make my own copy of it in PDF format (just for me, of course). I'm finding that Acrobat doesn't know how to convert the PNG image file type used in the Zope Book. (or rather, I don't know how to get it to work !) Anyone

RE: [Zope] dtml-if problem

2000-10-19 Thread Eric Walstad
Hi Terry - Disclaimer: I'm a Zope Newbie... Here's what I'd try: Length of the value of Area is: dtml-var expr="_.len(Area)"br Length of the 'strip'ped value of Area is: dtml-var expr="_.len(_.string.strip(Area))"br If you see somethinkg like: Length of the value of Area is: 4 (or more) Length

RE: [Zope] (no subject)

2000-10-17 Thread Eric Walstad
Hi Rob, I'm a newbie, but I just finished doing what you are trying to do. Here's how I did it: Product name: NewsItem ZClass: CNewsItem Property Sheet: NewsProperties In the BuildNews dtml method: dtml-call "REQUEST.set('ts', ZopeTime())" dtml-call "REQUEST.set('id',

[Zope] HELP! Permissions problem, ZClass

2000-10-16 Thread Eric Walstad
Help, pls! I have a ZClass that is functioning beautifully if I am logged in, but the anonymous user keeps getting prompted for a password. The problem occurs when my DTML method trys to create a new instance of the ZClass. I tried giving that DTML method a Proxy of "Manager" but that isn't