[Zope] Am I getting the idea correctly?

2000-07-08 Thread Frank Isaacs
I'm so new to Zope that I can barely even spell it. But I'm about to spend some time and effort getting proficient with something that enables dynamic, database-connected (and database-updateable) content on web sites so I can sell it to clients, and the appeal of Zope is overwhelming in

[Zope] Standard footer changed in tutorial?

2000-07-07 Thread Frank Isaacs
I'm working on the tutorial in version 2.2b3 (I know, it's a beta, caveat emptor...) I did lesson 4, discussing the footer and putting the e-mail link to "webmaster" in. Then I went to lesson 5, and the footer appeared to have been changed back to the default footer (the zope gif image and link