Re: [Zope] ZOPE - Size reduction ???

2000-09-18 Thread JTC Murphy

 This is funny. HDs are so cheap today, 

Er, this is fine if you're building a new box (and if you're using
simple IDE drives) but rather less so if you've exceeded the capacity on
an existing system and/or you're using SCSI drives.

Yes capacity is cheap, but /adding/ capacity is rather less so - if
there's space you can drop in another drive (which may in turn give you
heat problems) but you've still got to manage allocation of storage to
the new drive. If there isn't space then you're talking about adding in
another box (rather less cheap) or transferring the data from old to new
- slow and the accountants won't be happy about writing off the old

In addition you have to worry about the cost of the time taken to
perform any of the above.

Not as funny as it might seem )-:


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Re: [Zope] Looking for Zope vs. Others at-a-glance comparison

2000-09-11 Thread JTC Murphy

Oooh, now there's an interesting thought...

One would like to - but there often aren't enough hours in the day.
Actually one is frequently lucky to even get the option to try to pick
something at all, never mind doing the research - some combination of
"we've already got it" or "its "free" (it never is)" or "its got
microsoft written on the outside of the box" or "we already know insert
name of something relevant" tends to get in the way.

Sometimes you get lucky, and in the meantime you take an interest in
the stuff going on around you so that you can make a bid for use of a
better mousetrap when the opportunity arises...

Have fun, Murph

 Nils Kassube [EMAIL PROTECTED] 10/09/00 14:44:50 

I'm only an innocent Computer Science student who still thinks
that in Real Life (tm) outside university you research competing
solutions before selecting a product :-)

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Re: [Zope] DTML horror

2000-09-05 Thread JTC Murphy

They may be available in all installations but they aren't necessarily
available to all users )-:

Have fun, Murph (who is not actually complaining given the price he has
to pay for use of a public Zope server)

 Rik Hoekstra [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/09/00 11:51:35 

Use Python Methods ( or
External Methods (available in all Zope installations RTFM). They will
probably not completely replace DTML though. 

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