[Zope] oops - crash bang sent unfinished zcatalog and reindex

2000-12-15 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Sorry about that - the message re zcatalog and reindexing just sent itself - unfinished! then crashed and failed to save in sent. v strange, but to complete ... If I edit an instannce of my zclass and change a keyword from say europe to Europe then the search works correctly but the following

[Zope] Possible disaster upgrading to 2.2.4

2000-11-28 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Hi all, been very very foolish and didnt backup my entire zope installation prior to untarring the 2.2.x to 2.2.4 diff (binary) tgz. after restarting i get a message "couldnt import product.ZDbase" and one or two others, then screeds of oid errors then a start. But the site is a bit slaughtered

Re: [Zope] Possible disaster upgrading to 2.2.4

2000-11-28 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Ah, I tried reinstalling zddiscussions, no joy, i tried deleting zdiscussions but when you restart zeop it reinstalls the two products as broken. i tried a new install of 2.2.4 then copy across my data.fs bits and untar various products in use on the site, but, exactly the same message. so it

[Zope] 2.2.4 upgrade query

2000-11-28 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Further to my paniced posting earlier, I reinstalled 2.2.0, copied over my data.fs* and various products and everything fired up fine but i did one experiment (following on from Chris) - i didnt install zdiscussions. This resulted in major oids errors and my broken zclass as before/ install

Re: [Zope] Possible disaster upgrading to 2.2.4

2000-11-28 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
ok, its deffo to do with my data.fs cos the errors only start after that has been copied across. But the errors are different if i compare the console output from a failing 2.2.4 to a 2.2.0. If i do not install zdiscussions on 2.2.0 i only get the oid errors as items requiring display are

Re: [Zope] Possible disaster upgrading to 2.2.4

2000-11-28 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Hi Deiter Thus, install "ZDbase" or determine, why it can not import it. Already installed in 2.2.0 before upgrade. I have perused the output on the console but its a bit beyond me. cannot import name ZDiscussions You have ZDiscussion installed? Already from before. Reinstalled as well

Re: [Zope] siteaccess, hosting etc, sanity check

2000-10-31 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Ok, well I got some success by eliminating apache and using the site accesss example methods and an access rule. but. is this a lower performance solution than fronting zope with apache? Michael Bernstein wrote: Jonathan Cheyne wrote: Ah, no, I though that was if you were doing

[Zope] siteaccess, hosting etc, sanity check

2000-10-30 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Hi all, just a bit further down my vhosting journey ... got apache ProxyPassing and siteaccess installed but something is missing. I type in my vhosted domain www.red.com which (correctly) goes straight to /red and shows the index_html contents *except* images which show broken. The source

[Zope] advice re virtual hosting

2000-10-27 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Hi all, just need to check the received wisdom regarding the various possible combinations for doing virtual hosting with zope. I have two domains, one is 'mine' and I want that to go to the root of my zope installation. the other domain is for an internal client and I want that to go to a

[Zope] which python gets used ... ?

2000-10-25 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Hi, just a quickie idiot question .. Does zope use any of the python on my RH6.2 box or does it use its own copy exclusively? I was trying to install the python xml libraries to try our the hyperdom product. I installed an rpm succesfully before remembering that zope has its own python. I

[Zope] date off by one day per year cummulative

2000-10-22 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Hi all, Zope 2.2.0, displaying a date property from a zclass has been out by one day for a while, trick was just to +1 to the dtml. THought this was fine til dates into 2001 needed to go on and hey, they become one day too far now ... so now I need to add code to determine the year before adding

[Zope] How to use the date fmt's

2000-10-16 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Hi all, in the various docs it shows various fmt= to display different date types etc. It also shows some date formats that seem more like methods themselves, ie IsCurrentMonth returns true if etc. How can I use these in expressions? Jonathan ___

[Zope] Need help with date comparisons

2000-10-16 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Hi all again. I have a blank in my mind where I hoped the answer might be to this probably straightforward exercise. I have a zclass containing a date property called event_date. I want a page that loops through the months of the year, starting with the current month, and in each loop displays

Re: [Zope] Detecting Roles not working

2000-10-05 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Thanks to Kapil, Geir and Daniel for their various syntaxes. Very enlightening. I did cure it but by accident while experimenting with the solutions offered (so they *were* worth it) The zclass title is displayed a la slashdot or freshmeat in boxes as clickable links drawn from the catalog. If

[Zope] Displayed Dates out by 1 day ...

2000-07-28 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
I have a zclass containing a date field - when displayed with dtml-var event_date, if the field value is 2000/09/19 then it is displayed as 2000/09/18. I have to use dtml-var "event_date + 1" but this seems surreal. What am I doing wrong? puzzled Jonathan

[Zope] Re: migration from 2.1.6 - 2.2.0 breaks ZClass

2000-07-28 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
I have migrated from 2.1.6 to 2.2.0 by copying Data.fs. Everything works except when I try to create a new ZClass, I get "Could not load oid" error. Any help how to fix it is appreciated. Just checking - but did you also reinstall (from the original tgz's) all of the products you make have

Re: [Zope] Displayed Dates out by 1 day ...

2000-07-28 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
2.2.0 final, london, uk. And yes, I make use of fmt in order to rearrange the dates the brit way. I just checked and that seems to be the prob. If I display the yank way then all is ok. ah weel the work around is fairly easy for now. Chris Withers wrote: Jonathan Cheyne wrote: I have

Re: [Zope] ZTopics breaks with 2.2?

2000-07-25 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
to the ZTopic product? (that filter and nest zcatalog entries)? Jon Bill Anderson wrote: Jonathan Cheyne wrote: Hi, can anyone confirm that the ZTopics product works after upgrading to 2.2? I get an AttributeError for value Lexicon after migrating. The problem is the old Data.fs

[Zope] ZTopics and 2.2 - solved.

2000-07-25 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Just a follow up after much gnashing. I deleted the old catalog and recreated. I also noticed that some ztopics displayed whilst others did not (these are original ones not new). I tracked the difference to field types in the catalog. the catalog is less tolerent of sloppy setups i think - so i

[Zope] keyword index and netscape vs ie

2000-07-06 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
Hi all. I am using a keyword index as per the excellent howto. I use the following snippet to list the keywords as a series of links to further searches. (this is the objects index_html) related topics: dtml-in keywords a href="search?key=dtml-var sequence-item"dtml-var sequence-item/abr

[Zope] Re: keyword index and netscape vs ie

2000-07-06 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
So my question to the gurus is is there an attribute or expression I can use to get round this? How can I specify that the two (or more) words in a keyword phrase are separated by pluses when the link is generated? ... embarrassing to work it out only a minute after sending in a query

Re: [Zope] zcatalog keyerror 30

2000-05-29 Thread Jonathan Cheyne
AHH!!! So simple, so many weeks of general frustration. Subject to more continous testing, that seems to have done the trick! a HUGE thank you. Jonathan On Sun, 28 May 2000, Chris Withers wrote: Try the patching described in the following message: