Re: [Zope] Cobalt Qube

2001-01-27 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello, Inexplicably I purchased a Qube 2 to play around with but am wondering whether I should keep or dispose of it now. I've left the shrinkwrap on while I decide. It was *cheap*! It's a reliable little box. Plug it in and it will keep running. However. Lately it has become difficult to

Re: [Zope] OpenBSD 2.8 woes

2001-01-15 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello Jan: I don't really know what else I could do. Right now it looks pretty much as if I'm going to switch to FreeBSD, my second favourite :-| Has anyone got Zope 2.2.5 running under OpenBSD 2.8??? If so, I'd be really curious what steps you followed to get it to work.- You will have

Re: [Zope] Re: running zope with OpenBSD 2.8 i386

2000-12-17 Thread Luke Tymowski
At 06:25 PM 2000/12/13 +0100, you wrote: My question is: Did someone of you got zope running with obsd 2.8? The documentation of zope says it runs in any case with 2.7 and python 1.6 You cannot run Zope with OpenBSD 2.8. Zope triggers an obscure bug in the threading library that comes with 2.8.

[Zope] Failed upgrade to 2.2.4 - solutions?

2000-12-08 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello, I've just tried and failed to upgrade to 2.2.4 from 2.2.2. A python instance starts up and slowly swallows the CPU, ending with 99% of the CPU. A second python instance starts and doesn't do anything naughty. If I issue a ./stop, the second python instance ends properly, but the

Re: [Zope] Failed upgrade to 2.2.4 - solutions?

2000-12-08 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello To enable profiling, restart the Zope process with the environment variable PROFILE_PUBLISHER defined. The value of this variable should be the full system path to a file that will be used to dump a profile report when the process restarts or exits.

Re: [Zope] Failed upgrade to 2.2.4 - solutions?

2000-12-08 Thread Luke Tymowski
Michel Pelletier wrote: bash$: export PROFILE_PUBLISHER=/home/luke/sw/zopeProfile.txt bash$: python -D Tried that. Nothing written to the text file. But I did get this after doing a control-c ... --- File "", line 537, in ? Traceback (innermost last): File "", line 719, in

Re: [Zope] Is Zope slow?

2000-07-06 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello, I'm considering using Zope as the development tool for my next web project. However, I read from a recent benchmark test (from Qube, i think) that Zope(running thru Zserver?) is much SLOWER than Apache and AOLserver. Is that true? To all Zope users and 'guru's, what is yr experience

Re: [Zope] Is there a better way to code this?

2000-07-03 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello Andrew, You should set flags to say when it's safe to render the header/footer, or you should remove the header/footer calls from documents you want to embed. Can't do the latter. I'm building a weblog. I need to have the user enter entries for each day. I need for each day to display

[Zope] Zope dumps core while querying on id

2000-07-01 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello, Actually I suppose it's Python that's dumping core. The following query causes a core dump: dtml-with history dtml-with 2000 dtml-in "objectValues(['DTML Document'])" size=3 sort=id reverse dtml-var sequence-itembr /dtml-in /dtml-with /dtml-with The following

[Zope] bobobase_modification_time off by 1 day - why?

2000-06-29 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello, Zope reports the bobobase_modification_time to be off by one day (1 day behind). The box has the right time (when checked from the OS), and asking Zope to return ZopeTime returns the correct date and time. Anyone know why? thanks, Luke

Re: [Zope] DTML question

2000-06-28 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello, dtml-in "PARENTS[0].objectValues(['DTML Document'])" size=3 sort=id should work, no? No. This works on my production server, which runs Zope 2.1.14. dtml-with history dtml-with 2000 dtml-in "objectValues(['DTML Document'])" size=3 sort=title reverse dtml-var

[Zope] 2.2b3 Tutorial issues

2000-06-28 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello, The tutorial included with 2.2b3 now "works"; however, the documents are in the wrong order (9, 10, 11, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc). And every page generates a JavaScript error on IE 5.01 (syntax error on line 74). Luke ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL

[Zope] DTML question

2000-06-27 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello, I want to retrieve the last 3 filenames from a subfolder and display them in a document. If I set the size of the retrieval to 1, I get just 1 name returned. If I set the size to 3, I get everything in the folder. (if I use 2 I also get everything in the subfolder ) Here is my code

[Zope] How to retrieve content of a document?

2000-06-27 Thread Luke Tymowski
Hello, Yet another question. I've gone through the DTML Reference Guide but couldn't find the answer. How do I display the content of a DTML Document through a query? For example: dtml-with Document dtml-in "objectValues(['DTML Document'])" size=3 sort=id dtml-var id dtml-var titlebr