Re: [Zope] MySQL and Zope struggles

2000-10-17 Thread Monty Taylor
You can do it with temporary tables. Like this- create temporary table foo ( note_id int, notes varchar ); insert into foo select Note.note_id, Note.notes from Note, Artist where Note.note_id=Artist.note_id and Artist.artist_id=23; update foo set notes="asdlfna"; replace into Note select

Re: [Zope-dev] MySQL : help !

2000-09-28 Thread Monty Taylor
I can send you one, but if building it is giving you lots of problems, you may have larger problems, and the _mysql I send may not really help. Building should be sort-of straight forward. What version of ZMysqlDA are you using? What version of Mysql? What errors are you getting? [EMAIL

[Zope-dev] Shared Libraries and Persistent Objects

2000-09-22 Thread Monty Taylor
Hey guys, I've got a question about how Zope deals with shared libraries. Say I have a 2Meg shared library that I've generated with SWIG. (I know it's big, but for sake of argument) Say then that I create a Python Class that imports this library and provides a front-end for each of its exported

[Zope-dev] ZSQL Methods from Python?

2000-09-22 Thread Monty Taylor
Hey, is there any doco about using ZSQL Methods from Python Products? Also, does anyone know of any work done to extend ZSQL Methods to allow stored-procedure calls? I know I can do an Oracle Procedure call from DCOracle that returns a cursor, but I'd love to combine that with the

Re: [Zope-dev] ZSQL Methods from Python?

2000-09-22 Thread Monty Taylor
Jim Fulton wrote: Monty Taylor wrote: Also, does anyone know of any work done to extend ZSQL Methods to allow stored-procedure calls? No, but I'd love to see someone tackle it. The semantics of stored procedures varies so widely accross databases, that I doubt that it would be easiliy

[Zope-dev] Re: MySQL Transaction Support

2000-08-01 Thread Monty Taylor
enabled, which would determine which Class got instantiated? Any good reasons why that shouldn't work? Monty Andy Dustman wrote: On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Monty Taylor wrote: A question would be, what should the commit/rollback mechanism decide to do when the transaction deals with tables of both

Re: [Zope-dev] ZOracle LOB Questions

2000-08-01 Thread Monty Taylor
Is anyone working on fixing DCOracle? I'll have someone look into if no one else is, but I'd prefer to spend the energy elsewhere if it's already being addressed. (The LOB support would be nice for me as well.) "Matthew T. Kromer" wrote: Alexander Schad wrote: Alex, Oracle 8i broke

Re: [Zope-dev] [Zope] App isolation

2000-08-01 Thread Monty Taylor
I'm fairly sure there's already a Zope COM interface, and I know Zope can do xml-rpc. And SOAP support is coming. So I would suggest building it as an XMLRPC or SOAP server, and then use the Zope client functionality already there to connect to it. I wouldn't do COM because I'm an Open Source

Re: [Zope-dev] ZSQL Question

2000-07-12 Thread Monty Taylor
Let me preface this by saying: this is an untested guess. I don't have Access around anywhere to play with. But, my guess would be that since you're connecting using ODBC, you'll have to use standard SQL wildcards instead of Microsoft extensions. So try select * from SomeTable where

Re: [Zope] Q: Zope meeting in Paris in August?

2000-07-12 Thread Monty Taylor
I'm there, just let me know when and where. Monty Original Message On 7/11/00, 3:40:08 PM, Paul Everitt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote regarding [Zope] Q: Zope meeting in Paris in August?: Hello everybody. I'm chatting with someone in Paris about a possible Zope gathering during my vacation

Re: [Zope] Calling Stored Procedures using DCOracle

2000-07-06 Thread Monty Taylor
I have **exactly** the same problem. I've tried 8.1.5 and 8.1.6. I would LOVE any help anyone could give. Monty Original Message On 7/6/00, 9:47:09 AM, Ronnie Sengupta [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote regarding [Zope] Calling Stored Procedures using DCOracle: Hi, I am using DCOracle Ver 1.3.1

RE: [Zope] Calling Stored Procedures using DCOracle

2000-07-06 Thread Monty Taylor
Here's what happenes from me. You can see from the getSource on PGM140_API that the procedure exists within called select_targets. I can't get anything to recognize it. Help? dbc.getSource('PGM140_API.SELECT_TARGETS') '' dbc.getSource('PGM140_API') 'PACKAGE PGM140_API IS\012-- PL/SQL

[Zope-dev] Fwd: [Zope-PTK] Area based roles?

2000-07-04 Thread Monty Taylor
Original Message On 7/4/00, 12:45:29 PM, Monty Taylor [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote regarding [Zope-PTK] Area based roles?: Hi all. I've got an idea of something I'm trying to implement, and I'm wondering if the concept is of use to anyone else. I've got an Intranet up in PTK. (What a shock

[Zope-dev] Re: [Zope-PTK] Roles, Groups, Security and Group Membership

2000-07-04 Thread Monty Taylor
Original Message On 7/4/00, 1:22:04 PM, Chris Withers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote regarding [Zope-PTK] Roles, Groups, Security and Group Membership: Monty Taylor wrote: Am I making any sense at all? Does anyone see either a need for doing this or a way to do it? If it requires changes

[Zope-dev] ZEO Replication/Cache

2000-07-04 Thread Monty Taylor
I just installed an instance of ZEO Storage Server with a client on the same machine and a client on a different machine. So far, it seems to work reasonably well, with one exception. None of the changes I've made on one client seem to propagate to the other client unless I restart the other

Re: [Zope] MySQL transaction support (was: MySQL Select Statements)

2000-07-04 Thread Monty Taylor
Original Message On 7/4/00, 12:47:07 AM, Andy Dustman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote regarding Re: [Zope] MySQL transaction support (was: MySQL Select Statements): Note also: With non-transactional databases, you would expect to get better performance by having several open connections which

Re: [Zope-dev] Product Data Storage

2000-07-03 Thread Monty Taylor
Just my $0.02 worth... If you can at all avoid it, I think you should find a way to store it in the ZODB. Maybe a Configuration product that would allow you to create arbitrary configuration information and still be able to access it without making filesystem calls. Think about DC's Zope on

Re: [Zope] MySQLDA Problems with simple constant/function queries

2000-06-26 Thread Monty Taylor
This is actually fixed in both 1.1.4 and in 1.2.0. The problem has to do with type conversions from a dictionary in the adapter. Any type of non-row function or aggregate returns a type of 'unhandled' which was not mapped in the conversion dictionary. This is fairly much the bug that called for

Re: [Zope] problem with the beta

2000-06-26 Thread Monty Taylor
It has to do with the new security model. The supuser can no longer own stuff. Monty Original Message On 6/26/00, 3:31:02 PM, frank cuzzocrea [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote regarding [Zope] problem with the beta: i am using 2.2 Beta 2 and every time i attempt to add a new folder, or a dtml

Re: [Zope] Zope 2.2 beta 2 released

2000-06-23 Thread Monty Taylor
Well, I'm not sure why you would need to change versions as I haven't done any testing of ZMySQLDA on the 2.2 Beta release, but I would suggest downloading and installing ZMySQLDA 1.2.0. Andy's version, 2.0.0, isn't published because he doesn't really want to provide support right now. He does

Re: [Zope] Using Zope DB connection from a Python class

2000-06-23 Thread Monty Taylor
I was also trying to accomplish this a while back. I managed to add the new class with a database connection and execute sql statements. My class had some stuff like this: def __init__(self,id,title,dbconn): self.title=title

Re: [Zope] Zope 2.2 beta 2 released

2000-06-23 Thread Monty Taylor
or a while then disappeared. Anyway, could you send me the URL to 1.2.0? Thanks, T.J. - Original Message ----- From: Monty Taylor [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: T.J. Mannos [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: IPM Return requested Receipt notification requested [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Friday, June 23, 20

Re: [Zope] Problems reverting from Zope 2.2

2000-06-21 Thread Monty Taylor
Sounds like you didn't get everything when you reverted. Make sure that you replace everything in the lib/python tree. Remember that MailHost and ZCatalog live in Products, so if you replaced everything but saved the Products dir so you wouldn't have to re-install your products, you might want to

[Zope] Re: rpm question...I am stuck.

2000-06-16 Thread Monty Taylor
A couple of quick things. First, thanks for pointing out a problem in my documentation. That said, what the docs don't make clear is that the posted install docs are only for the new ZMySQLDA-1.2.0. If you are using ZMySQLDA-1.1.4, please read the docs in the package, as they are a bit

Re: [Zope] Facing problems with MySQLDA

2000-06-16 Thread Monty Taylor
You'll need to add a 'Z MySQL Database Connection' Since you're using 1.1.4, the connection string won't show up in the add dialog. It is of the form "database@host user password" You'll then need to add one or more "ZSQL Method"s to actually do the work. Good luck. Monty vikas wrote: Sir,

Re: [Zope] ZPatterns 0.3.0

2000-06-13 Thread Monty Taylor
If you're running from the RPM install, I believe it puts the Components dir somewhere else. (Can't remember, though) For what it's worth... Monty Peter Simmons wrote: Hi Guys, I was trying to setup ZPatterns 0.3.0 and I got up to making the extension DynPersistc. I had run "make -f

Re: [Zope] ZOracle connection trouble

2000-06-12 Thread Monty Taylor
The user/passwd@SID is the correct format. Zope, however, probably has no clue about your environment variables. I would recommend looking at the start-up script for Zope and adding the environment variables in there (ORACLE_HOME is quite important, for one.) Monty "Bak @ kedai" wrote: hullo