Re: [Zope-DB] How to extract users info from ZODB?

2012-01-25 Thread Norman Khine
you will have to write a python script in the root of your zope
instance something like detailed on this post:

hope this helps

On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 10:24 AM, smita kamdar wrote:
 Respected Sir/Madam,

 I am Smita Kamdar.

 I am using zope of the below specifications -

 Zope Version   (Zope 2.6.2 (binary release, python 2.1, linux2-x86),
 python 2.1.3, linux2)

 Python Version 2.1.3 (#3, Dec 13 2003, 05:04:19) [GCC 3.3.2 20031022
 (Red Hat Linux 3.3.2-1)]

 System Platform linux2

 I support an application developed  deployed on zope server. There
 are some users who are using that application. I want the details of
 users. How do I extract those details from zope?

 Also, my application is using Postgresql Database. I checked all the
 database tables by connecting to the DB from my linux server. But none
 of the tables has user info. I think the user info is in the Zope Object
 Database. How do I extract the users info from ZODB?

 Request you to please help me here, as I am new to zope. Please help me.

 Thanks  Regards,
 Smita kamdar
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RE: [Zope] worldpilot --almost?!

2001-01-11 Thread Norman Khine

I think you have to change the file in your
~/lib/python/Products/WorldPilot/ folder it is a one line file containing

I'll be intrested to know how you get on, as I am trying to configure it on
my NT but without success.

If you could write a brief pointers of what you did it will be great



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Subject: [Zope] worldpilot --almost?!


I have worldpilot almost working on a latest version of zope on NT. The only
problem is that when reading a message I don't get the text of the message,
everything else is file.

The docs mention something about setting the default domain, how do I do



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[Zope] HELP re: MailHost and Hotfix 2000_-12-08

2001-01-02 Thread Norman Khine

I am having difficulty in setting up the MailHost on the Zope Server.
Every time I try I get an error:

Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource.

Debugging Notice

Zope has encountered a problem publishing your object.
Cannot locate object at: zope/manage_addProduct/MailHost/manage_addMailHost

I am having the same problem as a post I found on the eGroups list


after the installation of the 12-08 fix you can't add MailHost anymore. I
that the product use a "legacy" method. Any solution?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
 Salvatore Sciacco

I too have installed this Hotfix_2000-12-08

Thanks for all your help


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[Zope] Building Zope within a Virtual Server

2000-11-28 Thread Norman Khine

The new zope site seems to be running very well.

I have a virtual server account on which I had previously installed zope
2.2.2 which was later successfully upgraded to 2.2.4, unfortunantly I had
problems in setting up MySQLdb.

I have now removed zope and python 1.5.2, re-installed python2.0, within my
domain. Which is part of the larger domain. So my root directory is not in /
but is in /usr/home/mydir/ , within which I have installed python2.0 I have
changed the .login file so that the path for the new python installation is
available through out my domain. So that when I type python2.0 at the # I
can use the python interpreter, this seems to work OK.

Therefore my question/s are:
If there is python on the root machine as well as on the virtual servers, so
that both python and python2.0 will run from the command prompt, will this
cause problems when I install the new virsion of zope 2.2.4?

Do I need to change any configurations to the makefile or setup so that zope
knows it is using python2.0 and not the root installation of python, if so
what will this changes be?

I would like to configure the zope installation so that it is set up with an
existing web server, currently Apache 1.3.12 as per your How-To by by maryniak, but I
am unsure as to where in the procedure I specify that I have python already

Do I need to specify this before?

And finally, do I need the Python MySQLmodule extension be installed before
Zope or after?
Many thanks for your help


[Zope] ZODB How To please HELP

2000-09-07 Thread Norman Khine

I am trying to follow the How to on ZODB How To, but I get stuck at the
point of when testing the  sqlInsertProduct
When I submit the query I get the following error

Error, exceptions.SyntaxError: unexpected token sequence.near ::
'_weight)\012VALUES'*'\012widget,\012Histor' ***
current state = 141 expects: '(', ('nomatch1',) current token = ((-8,
'user_defined_name'), 'WIDGET') 

SQL used:
Could not render the query template!

Please help