Re: [Zope] sql query results - DTML method problem

2000-12-16 Thread Pavel V. Piankov
#8 dtml-in expr="findClassTitle(code=52.139)" you might wanna try either dtml-in expr="findClassTitle(code=_['class_code'])" or dtml-in expr="findClassTitle(code=_.getitem('class_code'))" dtml-in expr="findClassTitle(code=dtml-var class_code)" *** syntax error regards. -- pashah

Re: [Zope] REQUEST.set('n', n+1) broken on

2000-12-04 Thread Pavel V. Piankov
Maybe you should try this with the "" ie dtml-call "REQUEST.set('n', 1)" dtml-call "REQUEST.set('n', n+1)" regards. -- Pavel Cosmos-Mebel, JSC. - Original Message - From: "Richard Jones" [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: 5 ???

Re: [Zope] Help with Nested ZSQL methods

2000-11-29 Thread Pavel V. Piankov
try calling like this : dtml-in "sql_get_items(_.None,_)" also you might what to use dmt-sql var instead of dtml-var inside ZAQL Methods. regards -- pashah Here's the operative part of the dtml method that calls these methods: == dtml-in

Re: [Zope] ZODBC configuration problems

2000-11-28 Thread Pavel V. Piankov
sources I receive the error "Invalid connection string" except for one of If you are using the last ZODBCDA there should be no problems granted that you have provided the proper connection string. check the connection object, there sould be written down smth. like 'datasource login pass' or

Re: [Zope] Zope and Windows DB's = NOT! ?

2000-11-14 Thread Pavel V. Piankov
is anybody successfully using a Windows DB such as MS SQL server 7 with Zope? i`ve been using it with MS SQL6.5 1,5 year, no problem... it seems that the ODBC adaptor is ancient and very error prone so can i conclude that Zope and DB integration under windows is not an option? Hmm...