[Zope-dev] DA for DB2 ?

2001-02-15 Thread Philipp Auersperg
interested in DB2 support for Zope? thanks in advance Philipp Auersperg ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope-dev ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! ** (Related lists - http://lists.zope.org/mailman

[Zope] Re: [Zope-dev] MySQL with LAST_INSERT_ID()

2001-01-08 Thread Philipp Auersperg
Be careful with last_insert_id() and similar sql functions and Zope and more than one simultanous user: since all requests run over the same physical database connection, it is not guaranteed that your call last_insert_id() returns YOUR last inserted record ID. if another user performs an

Re: [Zope] String problem with ZClassReverse

2001-01-08 Thread Philipp Auersperg
Hi! it seems that you have problems to access the server-sided part of ZClassReverse (I know I have to refine the error messages) Check out if you can correctly access the server-sided part of ZclassReverse, point your browser to the following (of course fill in your specific host,port and

Re: [Zope] ODBC errors

2001-01-07 Thread Philipp Auersperg
I have worked with ODBC and Zope under Win2k and had no such problems with MSSQL,Oracle and Access. Since you work with mysql the problem seems to happen in conjunction with the mysql ODBC AND Zope, I don't have experiences with MySQL ODBc, but: If you work with mysql Zope I would anyhow

[Zope-dev] Reverse engineering ZClasses into ObjectDomain

2000-12-25 Thread Philipp Auersperg
Here as a late Christmas present a tool to reverse engineer ZClasses intoa ObjectDomain model: you need Zope 2.2.2 or 2.2.2 and ObjectDomain R3. check it out at http://magnix.bluedynamics.com:8080/BlueDynamics/products/ZClassReverse/install one question, that I ve asked several times:

[Zope-dev] oops-reverse engineering

2000-12-25 Thread Philipp Auersperg
sorry, I provided the wrong link: http://magnix.bluedynamics.com:8080/BlueDynamics/products/ZClassReverse phil ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope-dev ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! **

Re: [Zope-dev] Linux Zope - Win2K SQL Server?

2000-12-14 Thread Philipp Auersperg
Does it also work with SQL Server 7.0? thanks phil *** REPLY SEPARATOR *** On 08.12.2000 at 10:10 Anthony Baxter wrote: Use the Sybase client libraries, with ZSybaseDA. We do that here, and it works fine (but not for much longer, byebye sqlserver...) Or FreeTDS, but I don't

Re: [Zope] ODBC Connection

2000-12-12 Thread Philipp Auersperg
the ZmxODBC DA uses the Zope-independent product mxODBC, that provides a generic Python DB API compliant ODBC interface to Python. ZmxODBC installs mxODBC into lib/python/Shared/mx. The problem is that this path is not in the default PythonPath. Solution: move the mx directory from

Re: [Zope] PythonMethod problem

2000-12-11 Thread Philipp Auersperg
PythonScripts will come with Zope 2.3 How did you call the method? perhaps you forgot the 'self' your call should look like this: self.foo(...) phil *** REPLY SEPARATOR *** On 10.12.2000 at 16:22 kosh wrote: I know I am still using PythonMethods however I have not seen

[Zope] unicode,python20,SQL DB Adapters

2000-12-11 Thread Philipp Auersperg
Python 2.0 has unicode support and once Zope will officially run with it - has anybody evaluated how several database adapters will be able to read and write unicode varchars ? (of course only if the DB supports unicode :) DB's with my special interest are: Oracle MSS SQL Server and the

[Zope-dev] ZClasses not copyable - why?

2000-11-05 Thread Philipp Auersperg
It is not posible to copy ZClasses, when I try to copy a ZClass in the Management Interface I get the error:'The Item 'blorf' does not support that operation' I digged into that and found that in the ZClass.py there exists a method def cb_isCopyable: pass I was so crude to replace

Re: [Zope] UML

2000-11-05 Thread Philipp Auersperg
Hi! I also don't know which question Douglas ment (see bottom of page) , but both should be worth a short (or not so short) answer from a DC guru. We for our current project use ObjectDomain (www.objectdomain.com) as case tool, but do not generate code for python or ZClasses with the tool by

[Zope] Re: [Zope-dev] pluggable brains - namespace blues

2000-11-03 Thread Philipp Auersperg
SEPARATOR ***On 03.11.2000 at 12:30 Philipp Auersperg wrote: I have a problem with pluggable brains: 1. Given is a ZClass named 'Merchant' that maps to a SQL table 'Merchant' with the columns 'ID' and 'name'. 2. I the ZClass I defined a Python method 'getName' with the body

Re: [Zope] Mapping tools and Zope - SIG? Fishbowl?

2000-11-02 Thread Philipp Auersperg
Hi Trevor! That is an interesting question, we had a GIS project in the beginning of this year where we worked with and extended PMS (Practical Map Server from ArsDigita) . On our demo site we run the project (BlueGis) together with Zope (check out www.bluedynamics.com,

[Zope] Zope.org uptime listed by netcraft

2000-11-01 Thread Philipp Auersperg
on www.netcraft.com I looked at the list with the websites having the maximum uptime and found - Zope - under the top 10 ! Check it out: http://uptime.netcraft.com/today/top.avg.html phil

[Zope] pluggable brains

2000-10-30 Thread Philipp Auersperg
For ZSQL Methods it is possible to bind a ZClass to the records. These can be selected from te combo box labeled 'ZClass' in the 'advanced' tab of the SQLMethod's management screen, but there is always listed just one ZClass. My question: Why is there just one ZClass selectable, even if

Re: [Zope] pluggable brains

2000-10-30 Thread Philipp Auersperg
I already found the answer myself: one can only use ZClasses as pluggable brains that are NOT persistent!! phil*** REPLY SEPARATOR ***On 31.10.2000 at 05:05 Philipp Auersperg wrote: For ZSQL Methods it is possible to bind a ZClass to the records. These can

[Zope] ZODB question: get older object versions without undo

2000-10-10 Thread Philipp Auersperg
I have two questons concerning ZODB: 1. Since ZODB does not overwrite objects on change one can get the older versions when undoing the changes. My question now: how can I access older versions of objects without undoing transactions? (I had a short glance at the ZODB classes, but found

Re: [Zope] locking help

2000-10-10 Thread Philipp Auersperg
this Postgres adapter is not multithreaded, check out the ZPoPyDA from zope.org. That is an alternative Postgres adapter that is multithreaded and does not lock up. phil *** REPLY SEPARATOR *** On 11.10.2000 at 08:48 Mark Twiddy wrote: Hi thanks for the reply The problem is

Re: [Zope] HTTP user authentication in Python

2000-10-07 Thread Philipp Auersperg
The core of HTTP authentication is the following (you have to put the authentication into the HTTP header): import httplib h=httplib.HTTP() h.putheader("AUTHORIZATION", "Basic %s" % string.replace(

Re: [Zope] In a python method, I want to convert a XML string into a dictionary...

2000-10-05 Thread Philipp Auersperg
0. There is an XML parser in the python standard library (package xmllib, you find it in the python documentation), there also exist alternative xml parsers. 1. Take a look at www.xml-rpc.com, you find a lot of iternnformation there. 2. check out the xmlrpclib by Frederic Lundh (it

[Zope] XMLRPC:XML Compressors - anybody experienced it?

2000-09-30 Thread Philipp Auersperg
Since XML blows lots of overhead over the line sending large amounts of data via XML becomes a performance question. There exist XML-compressors, for example XMill that address this problem. What I need is integrating such an XML compressor into the Zope XMLRPC mechanism, Before I do

Re: [Zope] How to Pass values to a DTML method ??

2000-09-11 Thread Philipp Auersperg
enclose the expression in quotes and you're happy: dtml-var "some_method(param=value)" phil *** REPLY SEPARATOR *** On 11.09.2000 at 09:01 Stuart Foster wrote: I have a DTML method that is called from a document. I need to pass a value to it like a parameter would be passed

Re: [Zope] PyWinTypes15.dll not found

2000-09-04 Thread Philipp Auersperg
This dll exists in in the Zope tree in the directories bin and bin\lib\win32. unfortunately none of these is in the PYTHONPATH. Remedy: copy PyWinTypes15.dll into one of the directories where it searches for ( e.g. in your case C:\programs\ZopeDev\lib\python\Products\LocalFS) or change the

Re: [Zope] Re: HappySession

2000-09-02 Thread Philipp Auersperg
*** REPLY SEPARATOR *** On 01.09.2000 at 08:15 Hung Jung Lu wrote: From: "Philipp Auersperg" [EMAIL PROTECTED] I also use HappySession and when catching the SessionNotFoundError weird things happen: here my code: dtml-try dtml-call "SESSION.set('FLinkID','0')"

Re: [Zope] Re: HappySession

2000-09-01 Thread Philipp Auersperg
oned below. Plus, I have to restart my server because ZODB reports a transactional error and sets itself to read-only. thanks Philipp Auersperg (zwork) --- Zope Error Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. Error Type: KeyError Error Value:

RE: [Zope] Wish for the next Zope Release: Doc tab for every Zope entity

2000-09-01 Thread Philipp Auersperg
umentation. -Original Message----- From: Philipp Auersperg [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, September 01, 2000 6:23 AM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [Zope] Wish for the next Zope Release: Doc tab for every Zope entity Mostly when developing a project it should be documented as well :) The

Re: [Zope] Newbie SQL problem: Query Error: Cannot render query template

2000-08-31 Thread Philipp Auersperg
When starting Zope as a service under Win NT always make sure that the ODBC data sources you use are *system* data sources and not *user* data sources. This could explain why your ODBC connections work when you start Zope from the console and don't work when starting it as service. Anyhow:

Re: [Zope] SSL and PGP

2000-08-30 Thread Philipp Auersperg
seem risky to me as long as Digital Creations don't integrate them into the official release, because every update to a new Zope release can become a horror trip when the SSL patches clash with the new Zope version. Are there any plans by DC to do something in that matter? Philipp Auersperg

[Zope] Z Database Connections - pass uid/pwd to RDB

2000-08-30 Thread Philipp Auersperg
database (in this case: Oracle). thanks Philipp Auersperg(zwork)

Re: [Zope] SQL trees...

2000-08-21 Thread Philipp Auersperg
to 2.2.0 or patch the existing 2.1.6 Philipp Auersperg (zwork) *** REPLY SEPARATOR *** On 21.08.2000 at 16:43 Mayers, Philip J wrote: Excellent. That answers that. I'm loath to ask this, since it's supposedly a FAQ, but I'm having trouble with the tree... Following: http

Re: [Zope] calling (SQL) methods dynamically from External methods

2000-08-21 Thread Philipp Auersperg
. But finally I am happy because that works: m1=getattr(self,'dbTest') #dbTest is a ZSQL method rs=m1(self) for r in rs: ... Thanks Philipp Auersperg(zwork) *** REPLY SEPARATOR *** On 21.08.2000 at 13:32 Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote

Re: [Zope] Parameter in ZSQL

2000-08-13 Thread Philipp Auersperg
call : dtml-in "ShowProduct(product_id=1)" with let you just define a variable in the current namespace Philipp Auersperg (zwork) *** REPLY SEPARATOR *** On 13.08.2000 at 17:27 Indra Gunawan wrote: Hello All here's the problem my Zope 2.2.0 is running on win98 m

Re: [Zope] Ivalid Integer from Zope

2000-08-13 Thread Philipp Auersperg
I will fix this for the next release (est. next week). This happens when nothing is entered in the textfield for the integer value. In the meanwhile you have to do the check in the insert/update SQL method: dtml-if "_['btest.val']!=''" !--#sqlvar btest.val type=int -- dtml-else

[Zope] RESPONSE.write() slow

2000-08-12 Thread Philipp Auersperg
KB/s in my LAN and even locally on the same machine. Also the thread sending the data uses 90% CPU. Can anybody tell me why it is so slow or how I can speed that up? I am using a standalone Zope 2.2.0 with standard ZServer Thanks in advance Philipp Auersperg def

[Zope] Using Zope as App Server for non http-Protocols

2000-08-11 Thread Philipp Auersperg
work for such a non-http connection. Any hints? Thanks in advance Philipp Auersperg

Re: [Zope] Znolk - Not recognizing ODBC

2000-07-28 Thread Philipp Auersperg
can check that with for example a Z Search interface ) - clear the browser's cache (memory and disk) , do a refresh - uuhrg, last try with restarting Zope If nothing helps: feed me with more information, I am sure that I can help you with that Philipp Auersperg (zwork) *** REPLY

Re: [Zope] Announcement: Znolk 0.1.1

2000-07-25 Thread Philipp Auersperg
Thanks, due to a renaming the link was broken, I have fixed that now phil *** REPLY SEPARATOR *** On 25.07.2000 at 11:01 Jim Tittsler wrote: On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 02:07:39PM +0200, Philipp Auersperg wrote: I've uploaded Znolk 0.1.1 to http://www.zope.org/Members/zwork

[Zope] Announcement: Znolk 0.1.1

2000-07-23 Thread Philipp Auersperg
needs the PK to identify the record to be edited. Otherwise you get the following error message when clicking the 'edit' link in the BrowseReport: Error Type: OperationalError Error Value: ERROR: parser: parse error at or near "" Philipp