Re: [Zope] Newbie Question

2000-11-24 Thread Philipp Dunkel
I'm probably just being dumb... :) PASTE-- dtml-var standard_html_header p dtml-with News dtml-in objectValues dtml-var "_['sequence-item']" /dtml-in /dtml-with /p dtml-var standard_html_footer this should work out for you. cu Philipp

[Zope] direct login after signup?

2000-11-10 Thread Philipp Dunkel
Hi zopers, Is there a syntax to login a user in python? i use a python method to add a user to the acl_user folder. When this is done I want to log in the new user directly. Is that possible? TIA Philipp Dunkel

[Zope] bookmark importer

2000-11-10 Thread Philipp Dunkel
Hello guys I' have here a pyton file that allows you to import your bookmarks from IE. The following prob is that it works on windows98 zope 2.2.2 and not on a unix system. The file temp.txt stays empty and you get the message 'unable to export favourites' anyone any idea? def

[Zope] unauthorized when accessing /manage in zope 2.2.1

2000-08-28 Thread Philipp Dunkel
ht to view management-screens and so on. The error message says only "unauthorized" and the traceback points to Any Ideas? (btw: it worked fine in 2.1.6) thanx a lot philipp dunkel, zReal Productions, The Hague ___ Zope maillist

[Zope] updating only zCatalog ?

2000-08-28 Thread Philipp Dunkel
? Or is the catalog even as a product available? TIA philipp dunkel ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! ** (Related lists -

[Zope] indexing sub-objects?

2000-06-15 Thread Philipp Dunkel
Hi all, I have simple question: Is it possible to story properties of zclass's subobjects together with the zclass? TIA * Philipp DunkelICQ# 60149094 * * zReal Productions* * meet me at DALNet chan #phidu

[Zope] search on search results, dynamically

2000-06-08 Thread Philipp Dunkel
-objects, then they specify only reds, they get 200 results from the 500. Now they can specify a price and again the amount goes from 200 to say 50. This means I have to search on the results. Does anyone have an idea how to do this? TIA Philipp Dunkel

Re: [Zope]

2000-06-05 Thread Philipp Dunkel
on in the PTK-Source ************ * Philipp DunkelICQ# 60149094 * * zReal Productions* * meet me at DALNet chan #phidu* ___ Zope maillist

[Zope] how to keep all captions in one place?

2000-05-29 Thread Philipp Dunkel
; instead of Hello and that we only have to translate all Strings in CaptionKeeper? What kind of objects should CaptionKeeper be? A ZClass? TIA Philipp Dunkel **** * Philipp DunkelICQ# 60149094 * * zReal Productions*