Re: [Zope] Security problem i 2.2 final - Bug?

2000-07-19 Thread Pierre Rougier
Hi :) I may say something idiot, but... Did u try to change the proxy roles of the method which call the fonction manage_editProperties? (in case of: to do it, edit your method and choose proxy at the top of the window), u can edit the role of your method. Piotr. Peter Arvidsson wrote: I

Re: [Zope] Creating Factory Objects (Products)

2000-07-18 Thread Pierre Rougier
Hi Fire, This should work: -Create a new product (here InstantSiteProduct) (from here, your product can be accessed through the "Add" list) -In this product, add a Z Class (name it Instant Site) -In this ZClass, create your DTML methods (Designer and Builder) If u need to store properties in

Re: [Zope] Access object inside a folder

2000-06-28 Thread Pierre Rougier
Sin Hang Kin a écrit : did u try that: dtml-in "PARENTS[0].objectValues(['DTML Document'])" sort=id do what u want /dtml-in Hope this help Bye Pio. Hi, I have put objects inside a folder tabledef and would like to refer them : dtml-in "_.getitem('tabledef').objectItems(['DTML

Re: [Zope] ProxyPass

2000-06-26 Thread Pierre Rougier
Hi Roché Thanks Pierre This is a relief, I really didn't want to switch back to pcgi. I have worked a little bit with the rewritemodule but if anybody has an example on how to do this it would really be helpfull. Roché I don't know if it help, but My problem was to serve any

[Zope] manage_delObjects

2000-06-16 Thread Pierre Rougier
Hi all :^) I have a problem with manage_delObjects: this is the text of one of my dtml-method: dtml-var standard_html_header dtml-in "PARENTS[0].objectValues(['ObjetBIB'])" sort=key dtml-if "id ==QUERY_STRING" dtml-call "manage_delObjects(_[id],[REQUEST])" dtml-var idBR

[Zope] [Fwd: [Zope] manage_delObjects]

2000-06-16 Thread Pierre Rougier
Pierre Rougier a écrit : Pierre Rougier a écrit : Hi all :^) I found (thanks to Jerome) that was: dtml-call "manage_delObjects(_['id'], REQUEST)" this is very hard to find documentation about the manage functions, no? the ZQR is not very fine for that do u kn

[Zope] creating object from method

2000-06-08 Thread Pierre Rougier
Hi all, Well, I didn't find it in the ZQR, I have a product which is able to create instantiate an object of a ZClass (using a factory). (so, I can add my special object from the Add list) In a dtml method, I want to create (instantiate) a new object of this ZClass.. I tried

[Zope] create object...

2000-06-08 Thread Pierre Rougier
hi, following my question of this morning, I tried that: dtml-with "Control_Panel.Products.Objet_BIB_Product.ObjetBIB.createInObjectManager(Key, REQUEST)" which create me the object, but in the Control_Panel.Products.Objet_BIB_Product Folder I would like it to be created in the current

[Zope] creating objects... and change properties..

2000-06-08 Thread Pierre Rougier
Well, I am sorry to send three messages a day, but I am really desappointed... I use the following code: dtml-with "manage_clone(livre1,Key,REQUEST)" dtml-call "manage_changeProperties( EntryType=REQUEST['Type'], author=Author, title=Title, year=Year, publisher=Publisher,

[Zope] manage primitives documentation

2000-06-07 Thread Pierre Rougier
Hi all! I just have a problem of documentation does anyone know where I can find the doc about all the manage_something primitives (like manage_upload(), manage_clone()...) My problem is that I want to insiantiate an abject from a method, but I can't find the good primitive. Thanks for

[Zope] object.... from name

2000-05-31 Thread Pierre Rougier
Hi all... well, I think this is a quite simple problem In a method, I want to apply an external method to a ZObject stored in the Folder: dtml-var "CreeDetailBiblio(Special object)" the fact is that I have the object name through the Query_string, so I tried: dtml-var

[Zope] installing products.

2000-05-23 Thread Pierre Rougier
well, this can sound a newbie question... well,it is one... in fact I never used a zope product from the zope site. I downloaded the SiteAccess product. what do I have to do to use it??? thanks for your attention (special thanks for mindlace)

Re: [Zope] Apache mod_rewrite module...

2000-05-22 Thread Pierre Rougier
My URL references to Apache example: and I want to use httpd.conf to transform it (only for html and htm files) in (which is my ZServer) Does someone know the rewrite I sould use regular