Re: [Zope] Problem with ZSQLMethods/MySQL after update

2005-07-01 Thread Ragnar Beer
mysqlpython 1.2.0 with ZMySQLDA 2.0.8. But since Andy is the expert I now installed 2.0.9b3 and am happy with it. :-) Cheers and thanks again, Ragnar On Tue, 28 Jun 2005 19:43:15 +0200 Dieter Maurer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ragnar Beer wrote at 2005-6-27 18:50 +0200: After upgrading Zope from version

[Zope] Problem with ZSQLMethods/MySQL after update

2005-06-27 Thread Ragnar Beer
Hi everybody! After upgrading Zope from version 2.6.4 to 2.8.0 and mysqlpython from 0.9.2 to 1.2.0 I cannot add or edit ZSQLMethods anymore, although there is an open (MySQL)db-Connection that works just fine with the same ZSQLMethods that cannot be edited or with external methods. The error I'm

Re: [Zope] Zope on OpenBSD 2.8 problem solved

2001-01-31 Thread Ragnar Beer
Start Zope, and you will find that it works fine now. Zope also works fine in the CURRENT tree of OpenBSD, so presumably it will work out-of-the-box on OpenBSD 2.9. This is the safest way of getting it to work at the moment. Did you understand form Jason Ish's message that it should be working

[Zope] Re: [Zope-dev] Poor programming practice?

2001-01-31 Thread Ragnar Beer
What's the go4 book? Ragnar yes I have the go4 book and I fully agree that one or other of the above patterns would be feasible. The problem is that the base medusa comes from Sam Rushing and Zope makes use of it. I guess since I already patch the Zope code I could just extend the patch, but

Re: [Zope] Zope on OpenBSD 2.8 problem solved

2001-01-31 Thread Ragnar Beer
I understood that the workaround he suggested also works with -current. I submitted the bug a couple of days ago. The ID is 1631 if you want to search for it. Ragnar Ragnar Beer wrote: Did you understand form Jason Ish's message that it should be working with -current or did you compile

Re: [Zope] RESPONSE.redirect

2001-01-30 Thread Ragnar Beer
It's a html meta-tag that does the trick, not http. Look at HTH Ragnar Hi all, I'd like to show a page and after a few seconds I'd like to redirect to another page. If I simply add !--#call "RESPONSE.redirect"-- it is done

Re: [Zope] Editors [OT]

2001-01-26 Thread Ragnar Beer
What's speedbar mode? XEmacs (speedbar mode) Any ideas? I had to, love makes you do strange things. Oh, yes indeed ;) Ragnar ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No cross posts or HTML

[Zope] Buffer overflow in MySQL 3.23.31

2001-01-23 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy! Just for us MySQL users I'm forwarding this from bugtraq. Ragnar Hi, all versions of MySQL 3.23.31 have a buffer-overflow which crashs the server and which seems to be exploitable (ie. 4141414 in eip) Problem : An attacker could gain mysqld privileges (gaining access to all the

Re: [Zope] Tools used for programming Zope

2001-01-18 Thread Ragnar Beer
Can Dreamweaver also use the https protocol for WebDAVing? Ragnar Apart from that, look at using an FTP or WebDAV enabled editor like DreamWeaver. It works now, but support is supposed to be getting better in Zope 2.3 cheers, Chris ___ Zope

[Zope] Zope and Linux flavors

2001-01-16 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy Zopistas! These days I came to the conclusion that I might need to investigate a bit on Linux as an alternative base for running Zope. So far I've been using OpenBSD which is a real timesaver when it comes to setting up a secure server which is my first priority over anything else.

Re: [Zope] OpenBSD 2.8 woes

2001-01-15 Thread Ragnar Beer
Seems you already found out what's wrong. Why didn't you post anything on the OBSD misc list so that they can fix it? Ragnar Hello Jan: I don't really know what else I could do. Right now it looks pretty much as if I'm going to switch to FreeBSD, my second favourite :-| Has anyone got Zope

Re: [Zope] OpenBSD 2.8 woes

2001-01-15 Thread Ragnar Beer
Whereas I couldn't reproduce the error in a prior thread this time I can. On my OBSD 2.8 machine running python 1.52 -with-thread CPU load goes up to 99% when I try to access the management screens. There was a discussion on the OBSD ports list to create a 1.52 port. Did you check whether

RE: [Zope] Caching/http-acceleration and proxying Zope-served content

2001-01-09 Thread Ragnar Beer
I started using mod_proxy, because I needed the configuration options (redirection etc.) and squid wouldn't cache ssl stuff. It's running very well since about six months now. The downside is that it's really badly documented. BTW there is a new book by Ralf Engelschall that you can download

[Zope] Adding many users

2001-01-04 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy Zopistas and happy new year! I need to add about 150 users to an acl_users folder and I wouldn't like to do it manually since the data already exists in a python list. What would be an elegant way to add them all with a python script? Ragnar

[Zope] Re: running zope with OpenBSD 2.8 i386

2000-12-17 Thread Ragnar Beer
I still got it under construction. Zope shouldn't work with Python 1.6 so I removed the package and downloaded the python 1.5.2 sources you ./configure --with-thread to have threads enabled and that's it. Runs beautifully but I didn't have time to install Zope so far. It's running very well

[Zope] Squishdot with access restrictions

2000-12-13 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy Zopistas! Has anyone installed a Squishdot site with access restrictions? I've got the problem that as soon as I take away the "view" and "access contents information" permission from the anonymous user in my Squishdot site I cannot use the search interface anymore but only get

[Zope] Indirect addressing

2000-12-07 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy Zopistas! I have a directory structure like this: + myfolder index_html my_external_method dtml_method_1 dtml_method_2 ... In index_html I want to include either dtml_method_1 or dtml_method_2, ... (one method for every week of year).

Re: [Zope] [ot] python book

2000-12-05 Thread Ragnar Beer
I read Learning Python and still love it and would highly recommend it. The book is very good! Apart from that I'm using the Python Essential Reference more often nowadays. It's handier than a printout of the lib.pdf but actually you don't really need if if you are comfy with the pdf stuff.

[Zope] login dialog text

2000-11-30 Thread Ragnar Beer
Hi Zopistas! When users connect to a restricted area a dialog box pops up that looks more or less like this: Enter user name for Zope at myhost: User: _ Password: _ Where and how can I change the

Re: [Zope] login dialog text

2000-11-30 Thread Ragnar Beer
Thanks a lot! Do you know whether it's also possible to set a folder based variable within Zope to allow for different messages when logging into different folders? Ragnar On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Ragnar Beer wrote: Hi Zopistas! When users connect to a restricted area a dialog box pops up

[Zope] ZMySQL and MySQLdb Versions

2000-10-20 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy! When I go to the download section on looking for a way to connect Zope and MySQL I can find the following: - Zope MySQL Database Adapter, 2000/07/20 by mordred (ZMySQLDA-1.2.0.tar.gz) - ZMySQLDA, 2000/07/20 by MikeP (ZMySQLDA-1.1.3-nonbin.tar.gz) - An Interface for MySQL,

Re: [Zope] IIS and Zope share same problem :-S

2000-10-20 Thread Ragnar Beer
As I already suggested ages ;) ago (and still didn't put into practice) it would here again be best to deny everything that isn't explicitly allowed (e.g. allow whatever ends with _html or .html and deny everything else) but then I would have to go over the whole website and make bazillions

Re: [Zope] Migrating from 2.1.6 to 2.2.2

2000-10-06 Thread Ragnar Beer
Take a look at Ragnar I have a Zope based web site running under 2.1.6. I want to move it to a different machine which will be running 2.2.2. Can someone identify the steps I need to take to make this move? What things do I need to

[Zope] acl_users mystery

2000-09-06 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy! I had a strange problem today: I added a Role "User" in the root's security tab and gave it a couple of permissions. But further down the tree in /de/support where in the acl_users folder I added a user with the role 'User' the permissions where not acquired (until set manually in the

[Zope] Caching How-To (was Cache concerns (was zope/proxy_passconfiguration problem)configuration problem)

2000-08-04 Thread Ragnar Beer
system to its knees if 100 students run it at a time. So I'm sending this off to the Zope mailing list wondering if anyone can give us some caching/performance tips. - T.J. -Original Message- From: Ragnar Beer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2000 12:48 PM To: T.J

Re: [Zope] Caching How-To (was Cache concerns (waszope/proxy_pass configuration problem) configuration problem)

2000-08-04 Thread Ragnar Beer
Cool! I took a quick look at it and I think they fit together quiete nicely. In your howto you wrote "Some people have reported success with Apache using ProxyPass". This is exactly what my howto is about. Perhaps you could set a link? Ragnar On Fri, 4 Aug 2000 12:33:53 +0200, R

Re: [Zope] tree plus/minus url

2000-08-03 Thread Ragnar Beer
output('A NAME="%s" HREF="%s"' 'IMG SRC="%s/p_/pl" ALT="+" BORDER=0/A' % (id, treeData['tree-item-clickurl'], script)) # end of new code output('/TD\n') else: if le

[Zope] zope/proxy_pass configuration problem

2000-08-02 Thread Ragnar Beer
Hi Zope-Configuristas! I would finally like to say goodbye to pcgi but one thing keeps me hooked. I tried and tried but the solution just won't appear. Here is the problem: I have a site that is supposed to be reachable via http as well as via https. That's not a problem per se.

RE: [Zope] zope/proxy_pass configuration problem

2000-08-02 Thread Ragnar Beer
one stone: it will grant access to the entire site via https while restricting http users to an empty subdirectory. Hope this helps, T.J. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Ragnar Beer Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2000 1:30 AM To: [EMAIL PROTECTE

[Zope] tree plus/minus url

2000-08-01 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy! I've been experimenting with trees for a while and discovered that almost all innocent first time clickers were clicking on the text _behind_ the plus and minus images instead on the images themselves. So I decided to make the text a link with the same url as the image has but I can't

Re: [Zope] 2.2 installation problem on Linux

2000-07-16 Thread Ragnar Beer
I tried, but got a segmentation fault in the ./configure step. Never happened to me so far. Anybody else? --Ragnar Hello, At 19:26 15.07.2000 +, Ragnar Beer wrote: Zope 2.2 (linux2) installs and works fine using ZServer but for whatever reason there is no pcgi-wrapper built in the pcgi

[Zope] Squid and SSL

2000-07-12 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy! Has anybody already successfully tried squid-2.4-DEVEL2 with the SSL patch from to make Squid an SSL-frontend for Zope? browser --https- squid --http- zserver internet localhost --Ragnar

[Zope] automatic link adjustment

2000-07-10 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy Zopistas out there! I just ran into some kind of administrative problem: my students are not so willing anymore when it comes to changing links for the third revision of our website. There are about 200 links to change manually and they have my full sympathy. Apart from that this

[Zope] Number of zope processes on Linux and OpenBSD

2000-07-07 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy! I have a question concerning the number of running zope processes: I used to run Zope under Linux and there was always more than a handful of zope processes running. Now I switched to OpenBSD and there is only one. How comes? I guess the more zope processes I have running the more

[Zope] too many open files

2000-07-04 Thread Ragnar Beer
Help! Zope 2.1.6 refuses to work in the middle of an external method on my i386 running under OpenBSD 2.7. Is says: OSError [Errno 24] Too many open files: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' I've never

Re: [Zope] Zope on OpenBSD

2000-06-16 Thread Ragnar Beer
Don't use the version from the ports tree. That's absolutely right. Use the package instead! You can simply ftp the python-1.5.2 package from or one of its mirrors. This way it took me about 5 minutes to get Zope running from source under OpenBSD 2.6 on an i386. No need to

Re: [Zope] security issues

2000-06-04 Thread Ragnar Beer
I will soon have a Zope-site ready to go online. How can I make shure that I did everything (concerning Zope) to stop intruders? Where can I find information about protecting a Zope-site? Has anyone had security problems so far? Easiest (most brutal?) fix I've found - hide Zope

[Zope] security issues

2000-06-01 Thread Ragnar Beer
Howdy everyone! I will soon have a Zope-site ready to go online. How can I make shure that I did everything (concerning Zope) to stop intruders? Where can I find information about protecting a Zope-site? Has anyone had security problems so far? --Ragnar