[Zope-dev] LoginManager

2001-03-26 Thread Srinath Mantripragada
Hi, I want to know howto use multiple usersSource in Login Manager, if it's possible. I have added 2 usersSoucers and created diferent methods for each usersSource, but it authenticates only within the first userSource Listed. -- Srinath Mantripragada [EMAIL PROTECTED

[Zope] ZCatalog and Zsearch Interface.

2000-11-24 Thread Srinath Mantripragada
Hi, I need to know how does the search works. The index of Catalog is made based in a pythonMethod that returns an concatenated text with the contents of a lot of fields I made an external method in python that do the search and sort the entire result. It´s an priorized sort, that i need to