[Zope] DTMLTemplate + PythonMethod == separate code from HTML?

2000-11-21 Thread Thiebaut CHAMPENIER
In fact, I find it too hard to code something using DTML, that's why I'd like to use good old python and to keep only variable substitution in my HTML (dtml-var, or maybe just dtml-my_variable; which is an easier to use form of it, or maybe replace it with @my_var@ or smth like that, which I

RE: [Zope] Can I run Zope with i-Planet?

2000-11-13 Thread Thiebaut CHAMPENIER
Hi, I did it when its name was still Netscape Enterprise server, so I suppose it should not be too big a problem. I can't remember how to do that... you have to use FastCgi I believe. -Original Message- From: Plaza Diez, Antonio To: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' Sent: 11/13/00 8:49 AM Subject: