[Zope] dtml-break ?

2000-05-26 Thread calvin33
Catalog iterative break : dtml-in "my_catalog" dtml-if "my_condition" dtml-var "getobject(data_record_id_)" dtml-break . . . But i have get nothing ! Why ? I am sure that "my_condition" is right because it will show some object without "dtml-break" .

[Zope] Add property ?

2000-05-25 Thread calvin33
Normally : "folder_F.object_O.manage_addProperty(id,file,content_type)"How to change "object_O" with another variable "var_V" ?

[Zope] How to change an object with a variable ?

2000-05-23 Thread calvin33
Ihaveadd a property to an object_O : "path.object_O.manage_addProperty(id,file,content_type)" But i wantedto change "object_O" with another variable "var_V" which is an object like imae or file. How to do it ?