RE: [Zope] Another Zope E-Commerce Site Online

2000-12-06 Thread icottee


I get a Zope transaction error when I go there

Ian Cottee

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Re: [Zope] Using Chinese Characters

2000-09-11 Thread icottee

With reference to inputting chinese characters I have similar issues within
handling Japanese. My two solutions are either use Internet Explorer (if you
have a windows machine) and use their add on extensions (download 5.5 and look
at the extra options during download setup) or use emacs with MULE. Obviously
there are limitations with the emacs method with what you can and can not edit.

Some distributions of Linux will allow you to setup your environment in both
Japanese and English and toggle between the. I think the same is true for
Chinese. Try Kondara at - I saw a demo of their new
version at the Linux Expo which seemed to work well. Apart from playing with a
Japanese distribution for fun I haven't done any serious work with these.

Note that if you ever want to start storing your characters in external
databases you will need to make sure that it can handle your encoding as well.
MySQL has to be compiled with a certain config flag and I believe the same is
true with Postgres. Otherwise strange things will happen :-)


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Re: [Zope] Showing the name of a file-type form variable

2000-08-28 Thread icottee


file.filename should be what you are after. e.g. In my latest project I set a
variable myFileName to be the name of the file uploaded using

  dtml-var "REQUEST.set('myFileName',file.filename)"

where file is the name of my file upload control in my form.


Original Message ---
Hi Zopers

I've got this::

 tdinput type="file"
 dtml-if file value="dtml-var "file"" /dtml-if

Which returns::

 ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.FileUpload instance at 131dc48

in the input box. I'd really rather have the filename. How does
one do that?

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[Zope] The tree tag, SQL and what should be simple

2000-08-24 Thread icottee

I thought this was going to be simple but having read numerous postings on the
mailing list and all related HOW-TOs I can find, I think I can confirm I am
stuck. This is sad because I've just spent a very productive couple of days with
Zope and MySQL making the world a better place.

I have a table for chickens. Basically it looks like this


And another table for types.

   CODE CAR(10)

Each chicken has a type associated with it. At the end of the day I want to
display the chickens underneath the type it has ... start the screen up it would


And the users can then expand to see the chickens available in each category.

 - Flossie
 - Wombat
 - Hank
 - Debbie
 - Fruitbat
 - Harold
 - Bob

It would appear that I need to feed two things to the dtml-tree tag. Firstly my
starting levels (my types) and then the related data underneath but I can only
feed one SQL query to the tag. All the stuff I read seems to assume the info at
the top level comes from the same file (and from a key id). How do I do this or
indeed, is it possible? I have a nasty feeling I am missing something obvious.


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[Zope] FSSession - don't call FSSession twice!

2000-07-31 Thread icottee

I've been using the excellent FSSession product (many thanks Mr Christoforou) to
hold some information on the language a user wishes to display a page in. I kept
having weird errors however - every now and again I'd change some code somewhere
completely unrelated (even just adding a user) and FSSession would break.
Undoing the last change wouldn't help. The error was to do with _v_data and (I
think) _v_id or something similar.

This post isn't about that problem.

From reading through the extremely useful nipltd archives it appeared the
problem was not doing a dtml-call FSSession at the beginning of the code. This
was bemusing because that code was sitting in my standard header and called
everywhere. However, I had an uneasy workaround which did a 'try' on using
FSSession and if it failed initialise it in the normal way. I say 'uneasy'
because I didn't know why I needed it and when I added another bit of code to
handle another cookie that needed to be recorded it broke again.

This post isn't about that problem either.

I decided enough was enough today and thought I'd try and find out what was
happening. So I could give some proper information to Pavlos Christoforou I
downloaded the latest version of FSSession and tried to reproduce my error. Bang
- I got a much more impressive error. Whenever I went to any of my pages that
used FSSession I got the following.

Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource.

Error Type: OSError
Error Value: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Followed by the following traceback

Traceback (innermost last):
  File /usr/local/zope/lib/python/ZPublisher/, line 222, in
  File /usr/local/zope/lib/python/ZPublisher/, line 187, in publish
  File /usr/local/zope/lib/python/Zope/, line 221, in
(Object: ElementWithAttributes)
  File /usr/local/zope/lib/python/ZPublisher/, line 175, in publish
  File /usr/local/zope/lib/python/Zope/, line 235, in commit
  File /usr/local/zope/lib/python/ZODB/, line 296, in commit
  File /usr/local/zope/lib/python/Shared/DC/ZRDB/, line 122, in tpc_finish
(Object: TM)
  File /usr/local/zope/lib/python/Products/FSSession/, line 84, in
(Object: TM)
  File /usr/local/zope/lib/python/Products/FSSession/, line 193, in
(Object: FSSession)
OSError: (see above)

Interestingly the line above 193 in is a comment which reads
'should never fail'.  Well it does and the reason is (as you may have guessed
from the title) that I called FSSession twice. Line 193 appears to rename a .tmp
file and I'd guess that by calling it twice my second attempt fails as the file
has already been renamed. Obviously this isn't the way I should be doing things
and I'm going to have a go and see if the new version of FSSession cures my
earlier problems. The reason I mention this now is that the problem causes any
future attempts at transactions to give the following error - which can only be
remedied by restarting zope.

Error Type: TransactionError
Error Value: A serious error, which was probably a system error, occurred in a
previous database transaction. This application may be in an invalid state and
must be restarted before database updates can be allowed. Beware though that if
the error was due to a serious system problem, such as a disk full condition,
then the application may not come up until you deal with the system problem. See
your application log for information on the error that lead to this problem.

So if you make the same mistake as I did on a production server you will not be
popular :-). I'm running this on Zope 2.2.0 by the way (although it happens on
the previous production version as well).

Hope this is of some use


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Re: [Zope] FSSession - don't call FSSession twice!

2000-07-31 Thread icottee

You are very welcome.

By the way, just to confirm I don't have the problems I had before with the new
0.4 version of FSSession so I have no need now to try and call FSSession twice.

Thanks once again


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[Zope] Customising the calling of the _add method for a product

2000-07-10 Thread icottee

I have a TimeSheet product which is currently utilising the suggestions from one
of the howtos on, to make the handling of errors a little smarter.
Subsequently my addForm code checks to see if any errors were detected and, if
not, tries to go to the usual _add method. But this fails. The code below shows
what I currently have. If I can just call this _add method I am finished.

 dtml-if "I_Error==1"
dtml-var TimeSheet_addForm_include
   dtml-call "TimeSheet_add(_,_.None)"

As always, any help greatfully received


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[Zope] The right way to sum fields

2000-06-14 Thread icottee

I have a folder with a set of timesheets in it. If I create a method to sum a
field called I_TimeTaken is this the correct syntax?

dtml-in "PARENTS[0].objectValues(['TimeSheet'])" size=1

   dtml-var total-I_TimeTaken


To explain, this works but I'm interested to know if this is the right way.
Specifically because I am now trying to write another routine which totals not
just the current folder but the contents of any sub folders below and am running
into problems (i.e. I can't do it). If the basic step is wrong I'd like to know
before I use it in other places. Haven't managed to find anything in the
archives but I think I may be suffering from docs overload.

Many thanks for any help

Ian Cottee
(knee deep in Zope and way out of time)

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[Zope] Referring to a total-xxx variable

2000-06-14 Thread icottee

Following on from my last posting I seem to have made a lot of progress -
although still not sure if what I have done is the right thing or not. However,
please somebody put me out of my misery. In the following code snippet the
dtml-var part works fine. How can I, therefore,  add count-id to v_allItems? It
seems to think I am trying to do subtraction. I've spent a couple of hours
trying to find the mystical incantation.

dtml-in "PARENTS[0].objectValues(['TimeSheet'])"

   dtml-var count-id

   dtml-call "REQUEST.set('v_allItems', v_allItems + count-id)"


Ian Cottee
Nagoya, Japan

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Re: [Zope] Referring to a total-xxx variable

2000-06-14 Thread icottee

Many thanks to both you and Andrew. I should really sit down and write out all
the different ways of reffering to variables and learn them properly.

I had tried to use something similar to

dtml-let ci=count-id
  dtml-call "REQUEST.set('v_allItems', v_allItems + ci )"

and I thought it hadn't worked. However, just tried again and it does so I am
obviously loosing the plot.

Many thanks for your help

Ian Cottee
Nagoya, Japan

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