[Zope] Freelance Programmers

2000-12-11 Thread Brendon Grunewald
Hi Zopistas, I have some work that needs doing and can't make / find the time to do it, hence am looking for some assistance. (The usual Xchange sites typically are weak in Zope and Python skills.) I would ideally like to find a couple of people that want to do this part time on a project by

Re: [Zope] Freelance Programmers

2000-12-11 Thread Tim Cook
Brendon Grunewald wrote: Hi Zopistas, Can you point me in the right direction? I got great response from comp.lang.python after also being disappointed with the other jobs services. HTH, -- Tim Cook, President -- Free Practice Management,Inc. | http://FreePM.com Office: (901) 884-4126