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2000-11-30 Thread Alexander DePauli
Hi Zopistas! we are looking for a method to do a better integration of mysql 3.23.27 with zope 2.2.2. (we are using the Z MySQL database adapter Z MySQL DA 1.1.3.) We have to store data in a mysql database - we canĀ“t use ZODB because we need the data accessible by other programs via ODBC. We

Re: [Zope] mysql zope

2000-11-30 Thread Steve Spicklemire
Hi Ruediger, You might consider ZPatterns. It allows you to develop applications with ZODB, and then, later, 'easily' switch to other forms of attribute storage for your objects. -steve "Alexander" == Alexander DePauli [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Alexander Hi Zopistas! Alexander