Re: [Zope] MySQL connection string.

2001-01-21 Thread Joachim Werner
Indra Gunawan wrote: Hello, could anyone tell me how to make connection string to MySQL in Linux? I use Zope 2.3 and I've tried the database@[host] username password This should work. Your problem is probably somewhere else. Are you sure that the database adapter, database etc. are all

Re: [Zope] mysql connection string

2001-01-15 Thread Oleg Broytmann
On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Olaf Zanger wrote: right now my setup uses a connection string "db root" which doesn't seam to give a lot of savety :-). at my provider i have a login, but sure no root access to the db. * how does the connection string look for user name "peter-hauser" and password

Re: [Zope] MySQL Connection String

2000-11-17 Thread Tony McDonald
On 17/11/00 4:36 pm, "Aitor Grajal Crespo" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have installed ZMySQLDA 1.1.4, anybody knows the format of the database connection string??? I have put database user passw , and doesn't work Thanks database@host user passwd 'host' can be 'localhost' for

RE: [Zope] MySQL Connection String

2000-11-17 Thread Eric Walstad
I use the following format: users@frankenstein privileged_user ThePassWord - or in general terms - TableName[@HostNameOfMachineMySQLIsRunningOn] MySQLUserName ThePassWord I guess the "@HostNameOfMachineMySQLIsRunningOn" part is optional, but I needed to put it in there for my setup. The