Re: [Zope] Acquisitive

2000-10-21 Thread Steve Spicklemire
Hi Jerry, I'm guessing the the problem is that dtml-xxx; does an implicit "html_quote" format on whatever expression you provide.. so table dtml-set_table_0; should produce: table border=quot;0quot; cellpadding=quot;0quot; cellspacing=quot;0quot; Which the browser doesn't grok

[Zope] Acquisitive

2000-10-20 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Zope Fans, I ran into an odd quirk today, and I'm hoping someone has an insight to share. There is a simple text string stored as a DTML Method, with ID = "set_table_0", e.g.: 'border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"' When set_table_0 is in the Zope root folder, it isn't