RE: [Zope] FW: [Zope] adding properties to all existing docs

2000-11-09 Thread michael angelo ruberto
However, I would not make such changes asynchronously. I would use "ZopeFind" to locate all objects that need to be updated and then do it. Maybe, its a matter of personal taste ... Dieter this is an interesting idea. another thing i might try is running the script from Xron and ZopeFinding

[Zope] FW: [Zope] adding properties to all existing docs

2000-11-08 Thread michael angelo ruberto
hi Dieter, thanks for the advice. i have written a small DTML script which i plan to call from the standard html header so that the intranet users will unknowingly populate the docs as they browse. saves me from doing it manually unless there are file objects in the folder. here is the script: