[Zope-CMF] CMF Collector: Open Issues

2005-06-25 Thread tseaver
The following supporters have open issues assigned to them in this collector (http://www.zope.org/Collectors/CMF). Assigned and Open efge - CMFSetup doesn't correctly detect DCWorkflow on export, [Accepted] http://www.zope.org/Collectors/CMF/298 gregweb -

[Zope-CMF] index_html no longer working for CMF folders with Plone 2.1 + CMF 1.5

2005-06-25 Thread Martin Aspeli
Hi guys, On 2.1-cmf1.5 branch of Plone, creating a CMF Folder with an index_html document does not work - the index_html is not set as the default page. At the moment, this also breaks for ATCT Folder items, but I know why this is and Tiran and I should be able to fix this tomorrow. For

[Zope-CMF] Re: [DCWorkflow] condition on transition action

2005-06-25 Thread Encolpe Degoute
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 yuppie a écrit : | Hi! | | | Encolpe Degoute wrote: | | Now that CMF 1.5 is out, and 1.5.1 too, can I start to work on | this patch: http://www.zope.org/Collectors/CMF/207 | | Have you any recommandations ? | | | Well. I'm not against a condition