Re: [Zope-DB] I need urgent help !!!

2006-01-17 Thread Charlie Clark

On 2006-01-16 at 13:59:49 [+0100], [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 HEllo my name is Gustavo I am from chile(southamerica), my english is not
 so good, sorry for that, well my cuestion is the next, i need do a web
 single sign-on whit my plone (ZOPE) web sites, i have a apache2.0 server
 too, i need help whit these item because my job depend of taht, any answer
 send me to my mail adress [EMAIL PROTECTED], thank you very much, and i
 hope for your help, bye bye...


whether your English is good or not, your question is too vague. It is 
possible to integrate Zope's authentication system with others for a single 
sign-on but you need to provide more information about the system you wish 
to integrate with. If you search for UserFolder then you will see 
some of the solutions available.

Charlie Clark

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[Zope-DB] dealing with dropped database connections

2006-01-17 Thread martin f krafft

a client of mine complains about dropped database connections
(SybaseDA), which wreak havoc. For instance, if the network goes
down for a while, the DA is left in an irrecoverable state.

Short of a regular wget to the manage interface to restart the DA,
what can be done? Is this something about SybaseDA (which is no
longer maintained), or a common problem?

What would you advise, short of hunting down the problem and fixing

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