[Zope-dev] ZLog, warnings module and deprecation warnings

2002-11-30 Thread Yuppie
Hi! Two questions regarding Zope coding conventions: 1.) Should each deprecated function have a deprecation warning? 2.) Should I use ZLog or the python warnings module? TIA, Yuppie ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Zope-dev] Zope 2.6.0 ZMI Problem for CJK(Collector 623) patch.

2002-11-30 Thread Toby Dickenson
On Saturday 30 November 2002 5:39 am, Yusei TAHARA wrote: 2. ustring can not join or replace to 8-bit strings other than ascii. Yes, it is painful to work in a mix of pre-encoded 8 bit strings and unicode strings. Thats why Zope's unicode policy was intended to be entirely optional - at least