[Zope-dev] ANN: Localizer 0.2 released

2001-05-22 Thread Juan David Ibáñez Palomar
Hi all, The version 0.2 of the product Localizer has been released. It helps to internationalize/localize python products and build multilingual web sites. The new version fixes some bugs and includes some small new features. A little documentation is included. Download from:

[Zope-dev] Subclassing SimpleItem and overriding__allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__

2001-05-22 Thread Mark Postal
I am trying to acquire the functionality of SimpleItem and the new Zope 2.2+ security model (methods are private by default) in a single class. Thus I subclass SimpleItem and override __allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__ as follows: class subclass(SimpleItem):