Re: [Zope-dev] Zope Tests: 72 OK, 15 Failed

2011-02-21 Thread Jan-Jaap Driessen
Hi Marius, On 18 February 2011 17:34, Marius Gedminas wrote: On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 09:21:12AM +0100, Jan-Jaap Driessen wrote: Thank you for looking into this. I am kind of happy that the error can be reproduced on a different windows machine. Tres, It is indeed 'special'

[Zope-dev] Zope Tests: 78 OK, 21 Failed

2011-02-21 Thread Zope Tests Summarizer
Summary of messages to the zope-tests list. Period Sun Feb 20 12:00:00 2011 UTC to Mon Feb 21 12:00:00 2011 UTC. There were 99 messages: 8 from Zope Tests, 4 from buildbot at, 31 from buildbot at, 11 from ccomb at, 45 from jdriessen at Test

Re: [Zope-dev] Zope Tests: 78 OK, 21 Failed

2011-02-21 Thread Tres Seaver
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 02/21/2011 06:58 AM, Zope Tests Summarizer wrote: Subject: FAILED : Zope Buildbot / zopetoolkit-1.1_win-py2.5 slave-win From: jdriessen at Date: Sun Feb 20 15:00:14 EST 2011 URL:

Re: [Zope-dev] zope.[testing.]testrunner does not handle unexpected successes correctly

2011-02-21 Thread Michael Howitz
Am 16.02.2011 um 10:36 schrieb Michael Howitz: Hi, Python 2.7 added the concept of expectedFailures to unittest. See When a test decorated with @unittest.expectedFailure does not raise an exception, this test is