Re: [Zope-dev] Acquisition Confusion :S

2000-08-02 Thread Chris Withers
Evan Simpson wrote: Here are the two and a half rules for deriving acquisition from a dotted expression: 1. A.B == (B o A), where A is an unwrapped object 2. (self o parent).B == a. (self.B o (self o parent)), if B is found in 'self' b. (parent.B o (self o parent)), if B is

Re: [Zope-dev] MethodGeddon

2000-08-02 Thread Chris Withers
Shane Hathaway wrote: Hmm. No, that's not really related. How so? Can you list the differences and if they're orthogonal try and explain it to me? You 'get' this but I sadly don't :( (yet.. ;-)

[Zope-dev] DataSkin propoerty Sheets/Providers.

2000-08-02 Thread Bill Anderson
I think I have a decent handle on this concept, but something seems lacking, I hope someone can clear it up :) So, let us say I have an object, call it a Member. :) And let us say I want to be able to add a property sheet to it in a customizer/specialist. AIUI, I should be able to add a

Re: [Zope-dev] permissions/authorization on non ZClass/productobjects

2000-08-02 Thread Chris McDonough
Karl, Two things come to mind: First, make sure you're returning the instances in the context of their container, e.g. instead of: def returnstuff(self): class foo: pass return foo() do def returnstuff(self): class foo: pass