Re: [Zope-dev] Fw: 2gb file size

2000-11-05 Thread Itamar Shtull-Trauring
Shane Hathaway wrote: Are you running Zope 2.2.1 or later? There were pointer arithmetic errors that occurred on earlier versions, even with operating systems that support 2 GB files. So on W2K, Zope can have 2GB databases? I'd really like to hear if you get it to work Andy (or if anyone

[Zope-dev] ZClasses not copyable - why?

2000-11-05 Thread Philipp Auersperg
It is not posible to copy ZClasses, when I try to copy a ZClass in the Management Interface I get the error:'The Item 'blorf' does not support that operation' I digged into that and found that in the there exists a method def cb_isCopyable: pass I was so crude to replace

Re: [Zope-dev] ZClasses not copyable - why?

2000-11-05 Thread Itamar Shtull-Trauring
Philipp Auersperg wrote: in ZClass I have found a nice-sounding method _setBasesHoldOnToYourButts() grin, and the source is commented with '#Eeeek', h What are the risks for a good shot into my foot using this function? If your new base classes requires some variables to be initialized

Re: [Zope-dev] ZCLass help

2000-11-05 Thread Dieter Maurer
Veiko Schnabel writes: i created a new Product calles book with propertys writer(string), pages(int) and a standart method called index_html to output all these probertys instance "my_book" dtml-var my_book all i get is the id of the instance my_book

Re: [Zope-dev] another debugging howto, and a question

2000-11-05 Thread Dieter Maurer
Simon Michael writes: Here are some draft howto-like things some might find helpful (improvements welcome) : and a burning question: how can I invoke zserver such that I will get the interactive

[Zope-dev] LoginManager Acquisition Problem

2000-11-05 Thread Charlie Wilkinson
Greetings Fellow ZoPeople, I'm having some difficulty with Acquisition of security settings within LoginManager protected folders. I'm using the latest CVS of Zope and LM 0.8.8b1 with the included ZPatterns and Plugins. It was necessary to apply a patch (from Luca Mearelli on this list) on

[Zope-dev] Re: [Zope] Question about dtml-in

2000-11-05 Thread Dieter Maurer
Sean McGrath writes: ... "dtml-in" treats sequences of two element tuples specially ... You are right. This is to support the frequent case of iterating over item sequences. There should be a "dtml-in" argument to switch off this special treatment. If I had your problem, I would go for such a

[Zope-dev] [ANN] Zope 2.2 patch for cDocumentTemplate/Acquisition bug

2000-11-05 Thread Dieter Maurer
Appended is a patch for the cDocumentTemplate/Acquisition bug. Usually, this bug manifests itself by an "AttributeError: __call__" for a folder object. The usual context is: DTML Document: . dtml-with folder !-- here is the Attribute Error --