[Zope-dev] RE: RFC : ZPatterns Customer Relationship Management Framework

2000-11-11 Thread Roch'e Compaan
Thanks for your comments on our model Philip, it is really appreciated and very enlightening. From your comments some other questions came to mind (I posted this on the Wiki as well): It seems that we did not give enough consideration for the pattern, Roles Before Objects but we can retrofit

Re: [Zope-dev] Re: Discussion Story Building Mediums

2000-11-11 Thread Michael Bernstein
Chris Withers wrote: Michael Bernstein wrote: After some more thought, I realized that this really needs to be a three-way gateway betrween a mailing list, a 'blog, and a newsgroup. I'm all up for doing the mailing list/weblog type bits but I have no idea how news _works_ and how

Re: [Zope-dev] PythonMethods: Can't Slice context.REQUEST.PARENTS

2000-11-11 Thread The Doctor What
Okay, I figured that bit of braindeadness out (I just use a range that goes backwards, no .reverse() so everything is left as is. Now here is my next problem. Using context.REQUEST.PARENTS doesn't give me the DTML Document that called me (so to speak). I have: /test/new/foo_html My PARENTS