Re: [Zope-dev] Added rename to ZOPE FTP server

2001-01-22 Thread Chris Withers
Tom Vijlbrief wrote: Hi, I've added the rename capability to the Zope FTP-server, so I could use the KDE FTP client (this is a known Zope bug). Cool :-) Thank you very much Have you put them into the collector? cheers, Chris

Re: [Zope-dev] How would I keep _v_* attributes from getting thrown away?

2001-01-22 Thread Dieter Maurer
John D. Heintz writes: I am using ZODB along with CORBA to expose peristent objects. Some of my objects have per-connection/session state. ... My initial idea is to have a _v_position attribute ... Using "_v_" attributes for session state is a very bad idea. They are thread(!) local and

Re: [Zope-dev] ZCatalog scalability

2001-01-22 Thread Dieter Maurer
Steve Alexander writes: Michael Bernstein wrote: Also, is there a way to disable wildcards in full text searches? Do not allow direct queries to search the catalog. Instead, make searches go through an external method (or a PythonScript with Proxy permissions) that uses

[Zope-dev] Annouce Developer Version DTML-Page-Contract

2001-01-22 Thread ender
hello zen masters i just finished documenting a developer version of a port of the ACS's (arsdigita community system) acs_page_contract to dtml. test it out, i'm pretty sure everyone will be happy with the simplification of the resulting dtml. feed back and thoughts welcome. if no bugs are

Re: [Zope-dev] How would I keep _v_* attributes from getting thrown away?

2001-01-22 Thread John D. Heintz
Thanks for the warning Dieter, but I'm managing threads/connections/sessions/POAs and a few other things already to expose ZODB objects through CORBA sessions. I wanted the _v_* attributes to live for the life of the DB Connections. Last night I found a fix for the bug that prevented me from

[Zope-dev] Local roles and security of ZClass instances in Specialists

2001-01-22 Thread Itai Tavor
Hi, I'm trying to work out a security strategy for data stored in Specialists, where specific users need access to specific data instances. For example: A Customer object is linked to a Person and Address objects. The customer needs permission to edit the her - and only her - Address

[Zope-dev] Membership and the 2.3 beta2 ... bug in the latter!

2001-01-22 Thread Bill Anderson
Broke. broke badly. Not sur ecompletely why yet, but in 2.3b2, I can't move or copy a ZCatalog. There is one in the Membership interface, so as a result, no workie there. After deleteing int from teh membership interface folder, I get a traceback complaining about too many arguments in

Re: [Zope-dev] Specialist/Rack scalability

2001-01-22 Thread Michael Bernstein
"Phillip J. Eby" wrote: Just to expand a little on the abov... Racks should scale at least as well, if not larger than a ZCatalog, given the same storage backing for the ZODB. This is because ZCatalog has to manage a minimum of one forward and reverse BTree for *each* index, plus another

[Zope-dev] Is manage_add for products broken?

2001-01-22 Thread Jonothan Farr
Hello all, One of the Local File System users pointed out that calling manage_addLocalFS from dtml doesn't work. I did some checking and discovered that calling manage_addXXX doesn't work for any of the built-in products either. My testing was with 2.2.5. Am I crazy or didn't this work at one

Re: [Zope-dev] ZCatalog scalability

2001-01-22 Thread Michael Bernstein
We seem to have disposed of the wildcard issue [snipped out below], and I'm looking forward to Eric's results, but does anyone else have any information about whether there is a practical upper limit on how many objects can be indexed and searched in a ZCatalog? Michael Bernstein wrote: After