[Zope-dev] PlugIns: new .dtml files for 2.3 CVS

2001-02-06 Thread Steve Alexander
The Zope 2.3 CVS has had the file main.dtml updated to fix problems with objects that don't do "get_size" properly (collector #1900). I've updated the following files from PlugIns accordingly. lib/python/Products/PlugIns/www/PlugInGroup.dtml lib/python/Products/PlugIns/www/main.dtml You

Re: [Zope-dev] The field converters (:int, :text, etc.)

2001-02-06 Thread ender
my alpha quality dtml-contract tag does allows custom field converters much as has been requested here, its meant as a generic form processing engine with the ability to define per variable error pages. its got some other features. its modeled on the arsdigita (acs) ad_page_contract. due to

[Zope-dev] zope and java

2001-02-06 Thread Mike Blake
Title: zope and java Hi all, We're considering zope as a front-end publishing and web-app development solution for a project which has already developed a complex underlying layer of servlets for secure client/server transactions against their host. Since we haven't been able to find

[Zope-dev] zope and java

2001-02-06 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Mike asked: Can zope work with Java yet? If so, please point us in the right direction. Phil responded: I'll recap. There is a piece of software under development called JPE. This is supposedly going to be or even is a Jave-Python gateway in effect. It should allow you to use Java

Re: [Zope-dev] ZPatterns for Zope 2.3 convenience release

2001-02-06 Thread Itai Tavor
Steve Alexander wrote: Itai Tavor wrote: Steve, This release breaks access to the management screens of ZClasses stored on Racks. In Zpatterns-0.4.2a3, Specialist/item_id/manage returns the ZClass management screen. In your release it returns the Specialist Methods screen. Thanks. I'll

Re: [Zope-dev] zope and java

2001-02-06 Thread Chris McDonough
zope and javaHi Mike, If it fits your situation, it might be worth your while to check out XML-RPC (http://www.xmlrpc.org) to get a Java application talking to Zope at a protocol level. On customer projects, we have successfully used XML-RPC as a Java-Zope bridge, and Zope can (quite

Re: [Zope-dev] Re: FTP PUT'ing images doesn't create Image objects? (it does)

2001-02-06 Thread Joachim Werner
Zope 2.3 and creating the correct object types (has been discussed earlier, I think): There is a bug with this that only becomes visible with some FTP clients like the KDE2 Konqueror: If the clients do partial uploads and renaming (which finally works), the type is not recognized correctly.

[Zope-dev] SearchIndex / Lexicon bug

2001-02-06 Thread richard
I just submitted a bug report to the collector, and didn't supply a patch. I really should have, and here it is. *** /tmp/Lexicon.py Wed Feb 7 17:09:20 2001 --- lib/python/SearchIndex/Lexicon.py Wed Feb 7 17:09:32 2001 *** *** 158,164 def get(self, key,

[Zope-dev] Umlaut in ZCatalog as break character

2001-02-06 Thread Arno Gross
I'm trying to index german news items with ZCatalog. But ZCatalog seems to take german Umlaute as separator characters. Any pointers or switches? Thanks Arno, [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]