[Zope-dev] SAP DB -- ZODB ?

2001-03-09 Thread Steve Alexander
I just heard that the SAP DB has gone Free and Open Source. SAP DB is an open, SQL-based, relational database management system that provides high availability and performance scaling from small to very large implementations. In addition, SAP DB goes beyond relational database

Re: [Zope-dev] TransWarp preview release (AOP tools only)

2001-03-09 Thread Shane Hathaway
"Phillip J. Eby" wrote: At 10:52 AM 3/6/01 -0500, Shane Hathaway wrote: Perhaps... but as I see it, pickling the aspect weaving information into each object makes it harder to vary the aspect weaving after objects have been created. That's not what I said. *Aspect objects* can be

Re: [Zope-dev] SAP DB -- ZODB ?

2001-03-09 Thread Ulrich Eck
Hi steve .. I have already a tiny version of ZsapdbDA which basically works. I had contact to the maintainer of the python-module for sapdb. and he handed out a nearly python DBI 2.0 compatible interface. there might be some problems with the python-module and linux/python/threads .. i didn't

Re: [Zope-dev] Saving attributes for a DataSkin

2001-03-09 Thread Johan Carlsson
Hi Johan, Could you give a more complete traceback? It's hard to tell from just the error type.. thanks! -steve Of course, here it comes. Regards, Johan Traceback (innermost last): File /bigshare/zopeservers/Zope-2.3.0-src/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 222, in

[Zope-dev] Zope/Win2K/Crash ...

2001-03-09 Thread Bryan Baszczewski
Anyone else using Zope on Win2K? We have recently installed Zope as a production server on Win2K (SP4) and everything was fine for the first couple of weeks. We started a little monitoring program which hits Zope every 5 seconds, and noticed Zope started to crash intermitently. In the NT Event

[Zope-dev] SECURITY ALERT and Zope hotfix release [2001-03-08]

2001-03-09 Thread Brian Lloyd
Hello all - An issue has come to our attention (thanks to Randy Kern) that necessitates a Zope hotfix. Hotfix products can be installed to incorporate modifications to Zope at runtime without requiring an immediate installation upgrade. Hotfix products are installed just as you would