R: [Zope-dev] Playing with DateTime

2001-03-17 Thread Stefano
Hello well, my idea was, as I said, to create a pubblic interface called DateTime, and then wrap mxDateTime or other forms behind it. This will make it fully compatible with the existing DC implementation. Then if soembody like me needs a more flexible implementation, as in my case a class that

[Zope-dev] ZPatterns: getItem returns None

2001-03-17 Thread Roch'e Compaan
I think I've read everything on the mailing lists on this issue, but have found no joy. I have a ZClass derived dataskin called AllotmentArea matching a table with the same name in my SQL RDBMS. I have a Specialist called AllotmentAreas with storage set to the AllotmentArea ZClass and load

Re: [Zope-dev] Designing ZPatterns/Python-product-based, reusable applications - take 2

2001-03-17 Thread Steve Alexander
Itai Tavor wrote: This brings up another thing that bothers me: When I started learning object models and ZPatterns everyone advocated using Coad notation. Now Peter Coad himself is using UML and you're building TransWarp around UML. Is this a conspiracy to confuse me? ZPatterns is very

Re: [Zope-dev] New Zcatalog bug on b2?

2001-03-17 Thread Andy Dawkins
Chris I also have this error with 2.3.1b2 Here is the line which calls the search: sr = self.searchResults({'Type' : type, 'sort_on':'lowercase_title_'}) fyi. type = 'TypeTest' The indexes are as follows: Status = Text Index Type = Field Index Identifier = Field Index lowercase_title_ = Field

Re: [Zope-dev] ZPatterns: getItem returns None

2001-03-17 Thread R. David Murray
On Sat, 17 Mar 2001, Roch'e Compaan wrote: When I call getItem(existing_id) on the specialist, it returns None. In my experience, getItem will return None if *anything* goes wrong with data retieval or object creation. Sometimes you get a traceback in the STUPID_LOG, and sometimes you don't

Object serialization (was Re: [Zope-dev] FTP interface being worked on?)

2001-03-17 Thread Fred Wilson Horch
I hope folks don't mind if I resume the object serialization thread on the mailing list. Chris McDonough wrote: I wonder if yet another interface is really required. If you think about it, isn't the FTP interface basically a file system serialization format? Yes! [...] It's probably

Re: [Zope-dev] FTP interface being worked on?

2001-03-17 Thread Fred Wilson Horch
Hi again, I'm commenting by e-mail because the Wiki interface is too horrible for me to face on a Saturday night when I should be doing other things. ;-) Chris McDonough wrote: I've put the proposal up at http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Proposals/RepresentingObjectsOnTheFilesyst em.