Re: [Zope-dev] Simple ZClass Stuff

2001-05-27 Thread Joachim Werner
Error Type: TypeError Error Value: unsliceable object Have you tried to use the newest Zope version? In 2.3.0 or so there was a bug that gave us the unsliceable object error for ZClasses that are based on Image or File (which should be similar to the DTMLDocument case). Newer versions work

[Zope-dev] What would *you* like to have in PropertyManager and friends?

2001-05-27 Thread Lalo Martins
raise ZopeProject('') We at Hiperlogica realize a lot of you people prefer to write your code in Python in the filesystem. However, we also believe the power of Zope's trough-the-web RAD framework is one of the reasons for its success;