[Zope-dev] COPY/PASTE problem

2001-10-04 Thread Johan Beauce
Hello, I would like to copy and paste file in my site. I created copy button with this code : dtml-let objCopy=_.getattr(PARENTS[0], idChk) dtml-call expr=objCopy.manage_copyObjects([idChk]) /dtml-let this code don't make an error, but I'm not sure that's work! I suppose that

[Zope-dev] Database Authentication Problem

2001-10-04 Thread Andre Schubert
Hi, a have amysterious problem with my database-adapters. The problem is that sometimes all my database-adapters couldn't connect to my database. after a zope-restart everything works fine. I use Zope-2.2.5 Immunix Redhat 6.2 PostgreSQL 7.1.3 ZopeDA's are ZPygreSQL and ZPsycopg. If the error

[Zope-dev] ZEO-Tracker not working

2001-10-04 Thread Harald Koschinski
Hi, the ZEO-Tracker at http://www.zope.org/Products/ZEO/Tracker is not working (since 2 week´s) Does anybody know the best place to submit bug´s? - This list?? regards Harald Koschinski _ FRIATEC Aktiengesellschaft

[Zope-dev] THE MAIL KING - ah13

2001-10-04 Thread CC Computer Consulting Co.
IF YOU USE DIRECT MAIL IN YOUR BUSINESS -- THEN READ ON. OTHERWISE, JUST DELETE THIS MESSAGE. Make Every Letter Count - Get Every Letter Opened! Did you know?? According to experts, today's deluged direct mail recipient throws away 26% to 88% of all their junk mail UNOPENED! Would you

[Zope-dev] ZTables and/or Catalog plugable brains?

2001-10-04 Thread Jay, Dylan
(resent to here from [EMAIL PROTECTED] due to complete lack of resoonse. Perhaps there should be three levels of mailing list. zope-use, zope-app-dev, zope-dev or something) I'm in the process of of write a zope product that will deal with a lot numerical data (records with a few ids and a few