Re: [Zope-dev] Delete or move - who can tell?

2001-12-26 Thread Florent Guillaume
To prevent copying from above, maybe you could have a manage_afterClone method that raises an exception. Florent Tom Bech [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi! Is there really no way for an object to know wether a call to manage_beforeDelete is the result of a delete or a move operation? I've

[Zope-dev] List Dictionary properties; General property handling thoughts

2001-12-26 Thread Eron Lloyd
This may seem like a redundant question, but this is the third time I've come across the desire to be able to store values persistantly as lists or dictionaries. I've read all the suggestions in the archives pointing out alternatives (dtml-return expr={'id': 'item'}, TinyTable,

[Zope-dev] RE: [Zope] WebDAV or FTP types?

2001-12-26 Thread Derek Simkowiak
- Instead of creating a Product, you can just put an External Method in the - root of your site. A couple of weeks ago, I asked about customizing the default Zope type when a file is uploaded with either WebDAV or FTP. For example, I want .html files to be a ZopePageTemplate instead of