[Zope-dev] This will boost your cell phone signal by 300%. rpd

2003-03-23 Thread
Many of us, have the annoying problem of our cell phones going in and out of service. This is not a good thing, nobody likes losing service in the middle of an important phone call. There is though, an extremly cheap and effective way to solve this problem *As seen on TV* "The Cell Phone

[Zope-dev] Re: [Zope] Encryption help

2003-03-23 Thread David Hassalevris
1) Do Zope or Google searches on Apache + SSL and also Zope + SSL. 2) With eternal python you have access to some encryption. For example I've used Import Rotor to encrypt some stuff in the past. David - Original Message - From: Matt Ficken [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED];

[Zope-dev] zope-2.6.1+zeo-2.0.2 not trouble

2003-03-23 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
hi i've posted this to zope list, and got hints from dieter about the toby-clean-shutdown branch. i apologize if this is not appropriate. i'm restating the question again: since upgrading zope from 2.5.1 + zeo1, i've been having frequent zope/zeo client hanging/not responding. the setup: we

[Zope-dev] LocalFS trouble (zope-2.6.1 with python2.2.2)

2003-03-23 Thread Shu KONNO
hello I think that the LocalFS Product might have a problem with python 2.2.2. In my environment, zope object at the local file's URL has an empty docstring, so that the site error occur. I found that _getWrapper() function in LocalFS/LocalFS.py at line 294 return the object, and the class