[Zope-dev] Debugging Zope with Eric3

2003-10-28 Thread Mark Wilson
Hi there Zope Folks. I'm new to this list. I've been using Zope on and off for around 3 years just to produce a few simple sites - lots of external methods but no products. However, I'm embarking on a much more ambitious project and am looking to address one of the biggest problems I've

[Zope-dev] Bugday Reloaded: The Sequel

2003-10-28 Thread Brian Lloyd
Hi all - I'd like to try to have another bug day next Tuesday (Nov 3) to make up for the one that was cut short last week, in preparation for a beta 2 release of Zope 2.7. I know its short notice, but every little bit helps. If you can make it even only for an hour or two it will be much

[Zope-dev] Question about 'The Zope Developer's Guide'

2003-10-28 Thread Baby Zope
Hi ! I have tried to find 'The Zope Developer's Guide' without lucky. Could you give me a location to download it? Thanks. _ Accede al romance online. Busca y encuentra a tu media naranja entre los perfiles que te interesan.

Re: [Zope-dev] debugging memory leaks

2003-10-28 Thread Seb Bacon
Tim Peters wrote: [Seb Bacon] ...but my (naive?) reading of the documentation was that reference cycles are cleaned out by the garbage collector, *unless* they define a __del__ (which is not the case here). How am I wrong? You're reading the docs correctly. It's not necessarily cycles directly

Re: [Zope-dev] debugging memory leaks

2003-10-28 Thread Barry Pederson
Seb Bacon wrote: So, say Foo is leaking because it is referenced from O which can't be collected. Given 100 things which refer to Foo, how do I identify which one is O? And of course, then O may be leaking because it is referenced from P... I've been looking into memory leaks of my own, and

[Zope-dev] What's the recommended Zope-Squid configuration?

2003-10-28 Thread Choo Zhi Min
Hi, I found two HOWTOs on setting up Squid as web cache for Zope. One of them is from http://www.zope.org/Members/htrd/howto/squid In this config, Squid and Zope communicate with each other via ICP. Zope is started with --icp option. No Accelerated HTTP Cache Manager is used (or is it