[Zope-dev] ZODB object upgrades

2003-11-02 Thread alan milligan
Hi, Over the last month or so, I've rather wonderfully managed to corrupt my ZODB with artifacts of my Currency class that no longer exist. This is due to: (i) moving the module to a different package (twice) (ii) renaming the module (iii) changing it's inheritance hierarchy (having removed all

Re: [Zope-dev] Bare except and ConflictError in manage_beforeDelete

2003-11-02 Thread Florent Guillaume
I wrote: I have code that needs to maintain certain invariants when objects are deleted, these invariants are maintained in manage_beforeDelete. [...] I want to add an additionnal: except ConflictError: raise Ok, this has been checked in on HEAD,

RE: [Zope-dev] Etag support in page templates

2003-11-02 Thread Bjorn Stabell
Just FYI. Apache 2.0.48 now honors caching of pages which only have Expires set (no need to include Etag and/or Last-Modified), but the 1.3 team hasn't responded and so 1.3.29 still has the bug. With mod_deflate site-wide compression of text/html etc, I guess it's enough candy there for me to