RE: [Zope-dev] Re: bug in 2.6.2, 2.6.1 , and probably others.

2004-02-04 Thread Brian Lloyd
I just stumbled on a bug in the python scripting parameter passing. Actually, it's a bug in the test tab support code. The parameter fields in the form are set to a , b , and c instead of a, b, and c. I'm fixing it in CVS for 2.7. Will this get into 2.6.4-final too? -1. In fact,

[Zope-dev] change to zLOG.LOG() behavior

2004-02-04 Thread Jeremy Hylton
I noticed that Zope 2.7 and Zope 2.8 changed the default zLOG implementation to use the logging package. There's one subtle consequence of that change that I wonder if people are aware of. The zLOG.LOG() call takes an optional error argument that contains a 3-tuple of exception information as

[Zope-dev] data migration from zope 2.6.1 to zope 2.7.0-b2

2004-02-04 Thread altkey
Hi, I am fairly new to zope python but I am working to migrate some data/objects from zope 2.6.1 to zope 2.7.0-b2 (and eventually 2.7.0 final. What I am doing is this. (1) get Dublin core metadata + some Dublin core extensions for the objects (2) get pure text representation of object

[Zope-dev] strange behavior of VirtualHostMonster

2004-02-04 Thread zope-dev
I have a zope-behind-an-apache configuration (OpenBSD 3.4, Zope2.7rc1, python 2.3.3, apache 1.3x). Inside the zope root, there's a folder called 'Instances', and inside this there's my custmo object (eLMS) called 'a': /Instances/a. A beforetraverse hook is registered on 'a'. I configured two

FW: [Zope-dev] strange behavior of VirtualHostMonster

2004-02-04 Thread zope-dev
Okay, I debugged a bit more: [u'loginUser', u'usermgrFolder', '/', 'VHM'] = this looks weird to me It seems it's pretty okay, however the last line in VirtualHostMonster.__bobo_traverse__ says: return parents.pop() # He'll get put back on Of course, the popped item is 'a', that's the one with