Re: [Zope-dev] Call Profiler

2002-02-01 Thread Zopista
Doesnt seem to like being refreshed and some event items arent in the time dict, I noticed these were items that I had got in a ram cache. So i just stuck an if at line 496. Other than that its a great product. Most important tool since refresh if you ask me... - Original Message - From:

Re: [Zope-dev] DISCUSS: Community checkins for CVS

2001-09-25 Thread Zopista
Does anyone think this is close enough that I can go ahead and get the bootstrap group (under ten, selected by us) going? I'd like to avoid making them sign and mail an agreement, then do it again if there's substantive changes. Go for it.

Re: [Zope-dev] What would *you* like to have in PropertyManager and friends?

2001-05-28 Thread Zopista
ZWiki's seem a little wonky at the moment so Im commenting here. The one big that would be hugely helpful is a dict property class. Should be quite simple and very useful IHMO without having to rely on TinyTables etc. Cheers and thanks for starting up the project. - Original Message -

[Zope-dev] .zexp's

2001-04-22 Thread Zopista
Just ran into a problem with a newbie where they couldnt figure out where to import the zexp, if its a product it should go in /Control_Panel/Products, if not it should go in the ZODB. I couldn't think of an obvious way to tell, so I just had a look in the zexp and came up with this: file =

Re: [Zope-dev] Allowing secure 'import' access in zope folder hosting

2001-04-21 Thread Zopista
Just a random, related thought that came up: Wouldn't it be nice if people could devellop locally on their own zope (under windows or unix) and hit the 'Sync' button on their "SyncedFolder" to transparently upload their work to the zope server where it becomes live immediately? (ok, this

Re: [Zope-dev] Catalog Indexes.

2001-04-09 Thread Zopista
I'd like to find this telephone number (it is a string...): +44 1234 123456. But no partial matching? Use a FieldIndex... If you want partial matching you're fu... not in a very good position ;-) Theres a cool hack to Splitter.c by Jason Spisak that doesnt remove numbers and punctuation